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The department of philosophy offers a general certificate program in Law and Social Thought. We recognize that university students tend to be pre-occupied with concerns about life after university, and, in particular, with preparation for a career. The Law and Social Thought certificate is designed to forge connections between a liberal arts education and the world of work. Students in the certificate generally go on to apply to law school or graduate school. 

The program places the study of law in the context of a liberal arts education; that is, the law will be studied within both a humanities and a social science context. Some courses emphasize the moral and philosophical dimensions that inform legal life and link the study of law with social and political thought. Others focus on legal institutions: how they yield regulation and socially sanctioned force, and how they interact with society.

You will study with philosophy professors who are experts in the field:

  • Louis-Philippe Hodgson was a postdoctoral fellow in the Law and Philosophy program at UCLA and received his Philosophy doctorate from Harvard University. He specializes in social and political thought and published various articles in the field, including in the journal Ethics. 
  • Andrée-Anne Cormier completed a postdoctoral fellowship in political philosophy in the department of law at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. She specializes in applied ethics and social and political philosophy, with a focus on issues of justice regarding the family and interpersonal relationships. She’s also interested in and published articles in philosophy of education.

Students may earn a Certificate in Law and Social Thought concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree at York University. 

How to apply: Submit a completed Certificate Program form to Academic Services via  For students who are graduating, please note that certificate requirements will be assessed upon degree audit.

For any specific questions pertaining to course content or program requirements, please reach out to program coordinator, Andrée-Anne Cormier.


Student Profiles

Arjan Heir

Arjan graduated from Glendon’s psychology program in 2020, where he was in the cognitive neuropsychology stream. His experience in the Certificate in Law and Social Thought Program has prepared him to examine legal and social structures through a critical lens as he now begins law school at Columbia University, New York. His highlights of the program include the in-depth philosophical analysis of real-world case studies, vibrant debates on contemporary issues spanning from the ethics of intimate relationships to legal paternalism, and finding a community of fellow students who are also passionate about social and legal topics. 


Bariquis Ismail

Bariquis is majoring in psychology with a concentration in cognitive neuropsychology. She chose to pursue a Certificate in Law and Social Thought to develop her critical thinking on social issues and is looking forward to furthering her education in psychiatric research. The courses she took include: Introduction to Law and Social Thoughts, Philosophy of Law, The Moral Limits of the criminal law, Violence Against Women, Psychology and Law, Introduction to Abnormal Psychology.

Bariquis étudie en psychologie avec une concentration en neuropsychologie cognitive.  Elle a choisi d’entamer le certificat en droit et pensé sociale afin d’exercer sa pensée critique sur des enjeux sociaux et souhaite poursuivre ses études en recherche psychiatrique.


Program Requirements 

Students must complete 24 credits as follows:

*A student who chooses to take more than one of these upper-level courses will need proportionally fewer additional credits from the list of approved courses.

All credits must be completed at York University, and the course listed above at Glendon. A minimum overall grade point average of 4.00 (C) is required for all the above courses




GL/CDNS 2600 6.0            Government and Politics of Canada/Introduction au gouvernement et à la politique Canada

GL/CDNS 3663 3.0             Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Canada


GL/ECON 3370 3.0             Industrial Organization I / Organisation industrielle I

GL/ECON 3375 3.0             Industrial Organization II / Organisation industrielle II

GL/ECON 3642 3.0            Business Ethics

GL/ECON 4275 3.0             The Economic Analysis of Law

GL/ECON 4570 3.0             Economics of the Public Sector: Taxation


GL/GWST 3513 6.0             Les femmes et la loi

GL/GWST 4502 3.00          La femme et la violence

GL/GWST 4502 6.00          Violence against Women

GWST 4509 3.0                    Anti-Racist Feminism


GL/HIST 2650 6.0              Introduction to British History, from the Norman Conquest (1066) to the Present

GL/HIST 3639 3.00            Comparative Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas


GL/HUMA 1610 6.0            Prisoners, Penitents and Postulants

GL/HUMA 1650 6.0            Introduction to British History, from the Norman Conquest (1066) to the Present

GL/HUMA 2615 6.0            Moral Questions and Social Policies


GL/ILST 2622 3.0             Culture, Globalization and International Civil Society

GL/ILST 2622 3.0             Culture, mondialisation et société civile internationale

GL/ILST 3650 3.0             International Peace, Security and Human Rights/Paix, sécurité et droits humains internationaux

GL/ILST 3652 6.0             Introduction to International Law / Introduction au droit international

GL/ILST 4601 3.0             Issues in International Law/Problème en droit International

GL/ILST 4651 3.0             International Refugee Protection /Protection Internationale des réfugiés

GL/ILST 4682 3.0            Transnational Crime and Corruption


GL/MODR 1711 6.0           Critical Thinking (Sections A, B, C, D, SU)

GL/MODR 1714 6.0           Thinking and Writing Critically

GL/MODR 1716 6.0            Logique formelle et informelle


GL/PHIL 2615 3.0               Moral Questions and Social Policies

GL/PHIL 2645 6.0              Ancient Philosophy and Political Theory

GL/PHIL 3237 3.0              Moral Philosophy I

GL/PHIL 3611 3.0               Political Philosophy I

GL/PHIL 3634 3.0              International Justice

GL/PHIL 3642 3.0              Business Ethics

GL/PHIL 3653 3.0              Law & Justice

GL/PHIL 3660 6.0              Early Modern Political Theory

GL/PHIL 4235 3.0              Political Philosophy II

GL/PHIL 4237 3.0              Moral Philosophy II

GL/PHIL 4626 3.0              Contemporary Political Theory


GL/POLS 2600 6.0           Government and Politics of Canada /Introduction au gouvernement et à la politique du Canada

GL/POLS 3135 3.0             Public Law I: The Constitution and the Courts in Canada

GL/POLS 3136 3.0             Public Law II: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Limits of Public Administration

GL/POLS 3550 3.0              Politics and Place: The Structure of Local Government

GL/POLS 3634 3.0              International Justice

GL/POLS 3650 3.0              International Peace, Security and Human Rights/Paix, sécurité et droits humains internationaux

GL/POLS 3652 3.0               Introduction to International Law/Introduction au droit international

GL/POLS 3663 3.0               Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Canada

GL/POLS 3667 3.0               War, Power, and Sovereignty: Early Modern Political Theory I

GL/POLS 3668 3.0               Community, Liberty, and Institutions: Early Modern Political Theory II

GL/POLS 3720 3.0                American Political Development

GL/POLS 3721 3.0                American Political Institutions

GL/POLS 4601 3.0                Issues in International Law/Problème en droit International

GL/POLS 4636 3.0               Inclusion, Exclusion, and Difference

GL/POLS 4637 3.0                Deliberation and Participation 

GL/POLS 4651 3.0                International Refugee Protection/Protection Internationale des réfugiés

GL/POLS 4682 3.0               Transnational Crime and Corruption


GL/PSYC 3230 3.0               Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (Psycho-pathology)/ Introduction à la psychologie anormale

GL/PSYC 3600 3.0               Psychology & Law


GL/SOSC 1610 6.0               Prisoners, Penitents and Postulants

GL/SOSC 3634 3.0              International Justice

GL/SOSC 3642 3.0              Business Ethics

GL/SOSC 3653 3.0              Law & Justice

GL/SOSC 3685 3.0/6.0      Popular Trials

GL/SOSC 3920 6.0              Law and Society

GL/SOSC 3975 6.0              Les femmes et la loi

GL/SOSC 4602 3.00           La femme et la violence

GL/SOSC 4602 6.00           Violence against Women

GL/SOSC 4635 6.0              Topics in Law and Politics

GL/SOSC 4645 3.0/6.0      Mobs, Manias and Delusions: Sociological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives


GL/SOCI 2520 6.0              Deviant Behaviour and Social Control

GL/SOCI 3217 6.0               Crime and Society

GL/SOCI 3636 3.0              Social Inequality

GL/SOCI 3663 3.0              Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Canada

GL/SOCI 3685 3.0/6.0      Popular Trials

GL/SOCI 3920 6.0              Law and Society

GL/SOCI 4645 3.0/6.0       Mobs, Manias and Delusions: Sociological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives


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