• Participate in the pre-departure information session.
  • Prepare your study plan (list of courses and descriptions) at the host university.Blog 4- checklist- ready
  • Meet the Chair of the department of your specialization to obtain approval of your study plan.
    Enroll at your host university respecting the deadlines.
  • Enroll in the York University courses INEX (international exchange) or CDEX (national exchange).
  • Provide, in a timely manner, all the documents requested by the host university pertinent to the exchange program.
  • Ensure that your student account is in good standing. Tuition fees and all outstanding fees must be paid in full before your departure.
  • Ensure that you have a valid passport.
  • Request a student visa (if necessary).
  • Apply for the YIMA bursary.
  • Arrange for your accommodation abroad.
  • Subscribe to a travel medical insurance, this is mandatory in most european countries. Please note that this will not be necessary for exchanges in France, they already have a mandatory medical insurance for exchange students called  Securité Sociale Étudiante.
  • Prepare a budget. The average cost of an exchange program during an academic year is between $15,000 and $18,000. This is only an estimate as the cost can vary depending on the host country, exchange rate and your specific needs.
  •  Ensure that you will be able to cover all the costs of your exchange during your stay abroad (transportation, accommodation, food, medical insurance, etc.).