York University is the 2nd largest university in Ontario and 3d largest in Canada. In the top 20 universities in Canada, with 11 Faculties,  Glendon  is the only bilingual campus in Toronto.

At York University’s Glendon Campus, you will have the opportunity to become a global leader while obtaining an internationally recognised diploma. At Glendon you will learn in a unique bilingual (and even trilingual) environment while acquiring professional experience in Toronto, the economic capital of Canada. The Glendon campus is very safe, and is situated in an established Toronto neighbourhood. This will help you maximize your learning experience while discovering one the most diverse, dynamic and cultural city of Canada.

We’re one of the only campuses in Canada to offer the combination of a liberal arts tradition and an integrated bilingual focus that is now expanding to include science programs.

With 23 bilingual undergraduate programs, 5 degree types, and 7 certificates, our students are able to customize their degrees based on their goals. What’s more, each program comes with the option to obtain a bilingual or trilingual certification – a key skill to set yourself apart in a globalized world.


We develop future global leaders in a passionate cosmopolitan community.

All our students study in French and English. They also have the opportunity to learn a third language.

During their studies, students will be able to work to acquire transferable skills and practical experiences.

Located in Toronto, you are only a few hours from Ottawa, Montreal or New York.

The average class size is 26 students. You have the personal attention of your professors and it offers you excellent networking opportunities with other students.