WorkplaceNL recently announced the deadline for the 2020 Research Initiatives Program has been extended to June 17, 2020.


Please forward this email to York University faculty members who conduct research in the area of workplace health and safety.

WorkplaceNL is accepting applications for its 2020 Research Initiatives Program.  A summary is provided below. 



To promote and provide funding for workplace health and safety research to inform innovative, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions that support the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses or support re-integration into the workplace, post-injury.

Applications will be accepted for the following research topics:


Workplace Safety Culture

  • Impact of a safety culture on reducing injuries/illnesses
  • Components of a safety culture that have the greatest influence on reducing future injury rates
  • Comparative analysis of OHS programs and safety cultures in reducing illness and injuries 

Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Common control methods for effectively reducing workplace violence in the healthcare sector
  • Leading best practices in workplace violence prevention

Fall Prevention

  • Engineering controls most effective for reducing slips, trips and falls
  • Effective measures used nationally and internationally to prevent falls in the construction sector

Occupational Disease and Exposure       

  • The most effective ways for firefighters to decontaminate themselves and their personal protective equipment after fighting a fire
  • Types of controls (e.g. general ventilation, local exhaust, wet dust suppression) most effective at reducing the production of allergens and toxins produced during fish processing

Serious Injuries

  • Predictors of serious injuries in healthcare and service sector workplaces
  • Leading practices used nationally and internationally to prevent serious injuries in the fish harvesting/processing sectors
  • Factors impeding the reduction of serious injury rates in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Improvements for education strategies to reduce serious injury at work

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs)   

  • Factors that have the greatest influence at reducing MSIs in workplace in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Leading best practices in MSI prevention that educate workers on ergonomic risks
  • Current attitudes and education issues related to MSIs in workplaces
  • Patient handling techniques most effective at reducing MSIs in the health care sector

Mental Health Issues    

  • Impact of mental health and addiction on workplace violence
  • Impact of mental health and addictions on MSI recovery
  • Effective PTSD treatment interventions to support return to work
  • A comparative analysis of PTSD treatment interventions by occupation and type of trauma
  • Workplace interventions to improve employee resiliency and prevention of mental health disorders
  • Effectiveness of telemedicine in the support or management of mental health injuries arising from work

Other Topics     

  • Development of tools for micro-learning in the promotion of health and safety
  • Development of smartphone apps for OHS regulatory requirements
  • Impact of demographics and economic cycles on injury rates and claim types
  • Impact of OHS Committees on reducing injury rates
  • Impact of OHS certification training on injury rates
  • Lowering injury rates in healthcare, manufacturing, or service sectors





Up to $150K



12 months



Submission of Letter of Intent (LOI) to ORS – June 3, 2020

Submission of LOI to agency – June 17, 2020

Submission of full application to ORS – 10 working days prior to submission to agency

Submission of full application to agency (by invitation only) – Applicants will be notified of the deadline by the agency


For further details on this funding opportunity and how to apply, please consult the following link: