Please forward this email to all faculty members in your unit, who are involved as team members in SSHRC Partnership Grant, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, or SSHRC Partnership Grant Letter of Intent Applications.   

If you are a member of a SSHRC Partnership Grant, Partnership Development Grant (as either Project Director or Co-applicant), or a Partnership Grant Letter of Intent application team and you think you would like York University to act as a partner on the project, this message pertains to you.   

The attached Guidelines outline the process and criteria under which York University will partner on a SSHRC Partnership or Partnership Development Grant application or project. 

The accompanying form should be used for making formal requests for York University partnership on SSHRC grants.  

Please note all requests for partnership on SSHRC Partnership Grants (Letter of Intent) must be made at least 20 business days before the funder deadline. This academic year’s deadlines are as follows: 

  • 4PM, January 18, 2021 Letters of Intent (SSHRC application deadline is February 15, 2021) 

    For Partnership Development Grants requests must be made at least 10 business days before the funder deadline, i.e. on or before: 

  • 4PM, November 2, 2020 for Partnership Development Applications (SSHRC Application deadline is November 15, 2020) 

    Please note that other institutions may have internal deadlines that require partnerships to be confirmed earlier. Please be sure to allow for the required advanced notice before the earliest mandatory deadline. 

     For questions or to submit a request for partnership in one of the above competitions, please contact Emma Doran, Strategic and Institutional Research Specialist, Office of Research Services ( 

     If the application in one of the above competitions is accompanied by a memorandum of understanding, research collaboration agreement, or equivalent, it will also need to be reviewed, approved, and signed by VPRI and should be submitted to Andrea Thomas in the Office of Research Services ( for review following the same above deadlines.   

    Enclosed:          Guidelines for York Partnership on SSHRC Grants – revised Oct 2020_