April 16th in YH-A100  


The theme is as follows: 

Research with impact 

Glendon is dedicated to building an environment that promotes research. These efforts have led to the emergence of an active and diverse community of researchers in many disciplines. The theme for the 2020 Research Festival aims at better articulate the contours and possibilities of this environment . We invite proposals from all scholars (CLAs and CUPE included) whose body of research or scholarship has translated into a notable impact on scholarship, communities, individuals, public policies or practice beyond academia, or translated into successful commercial applications ( or other) while significantly and positively contributing to the University’s research culture and reputation.  

The type of impact your research might have is specific to each project and therefore, like research, the definition of impact is wide ranging and varied. Some of the key area of research impact include: 

  • Research arising from a single or multiple research project conducted by an individual or a team  whose project or projects have significantly contributed to knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world.  The research outcome must have led to demonstrable impact witin the researcher’s fields of research.  
  • Facilitating and engaging the flow of exchange of research knowledge in academia and/or wider community, and has generated intellectual, cultural, social and/or economic impacts.  
  • Developing new partnership approach to research and/or related activities, for example, through mutual co-operation ans shared intellectual leadership and resources, has demostrated impact and influence within and/or beyond academia.  

The general call for papers invites proposals in English or in French for 20-minute presentations that will highlight the impact of their research and foster interdisciplinary discussion.  

Please submit your proposals for the colloquium (no more than 100 words) with a short biography in Word or RTF to the Research Office to the following address:  by March 31st, 2020.  

All proposals can be written in French or English. 

The Research Committee will evaluate the proposal according to the following criteria:  

  • Pertinence to the theme of the research day 
  • Relevance and interest of the topic  
  • Demonstrable contributions, benefits and influences on society, culture, environment and economy.  
  • Clarity and structure of the presentation  
  • Diversity of speakers  

Research Office 

York-Hall B219 

Ext: 88521