The Research Festival is an annual event that brings together our community to celebrate Research at Glendon in its various from.

In 2021, the Festival will be a week long online event where students and faculty will showcase their work.

The event will take place from April 5th to April 9th.

Research Festival 2021 from April 5th to 9th

Principal’s Excellence Research Award

Submission deadline: March 19th, 2021 

The Principal’s Excellence Research Awards are given annually to recognize researchers at Glendon who have made an outstanding contribution to research in the last five years. The purpose of these awards is to provide recognition for and to promote research excellence across Glendon, the University and in the wider community. 

Up to 3 awards will be offered per calendar year in each category  

  • Emerging Researcher

The emerging category is for tenure-stream and tenured faculty within five years of their first academic appointment.

  • Established Researcher

 The established category is for tenured faculty who were appointed to their first academic post more than five years before the date of the award deadline.

  • Contract faculty

Nominees must have taught at Glendon for at least three years. 

Adjudication Criteria

    The following adjudication criteria will be considered: 

    ▪ Research published within the preceding five academic years. Candidates in disciplines where monographs are not considered to be the chief mode of communicating research results may be nominated based on articles or other modes of research output (websites, plays, novels, etc.). 

    ▪ Academic significance of the contribution to the field and/or social impact. 

    ▪ Knowledge mobilization effort (academic and community partnerships, government contracts, etc.). 

       ▪ External grant, award or recognition received within the preceding five academic years. 


    Nominations are open to all tenured, tenure-stream and contract faculty, with the exception of Distinguished Research Professors, Canada Research Chairs and York Research Chairs.  

    The categories of eligibility are as follows: 

    • Emerging Researcher
    • Established Researcher 
    • Contract faculty

    An individual may not receive an award in each category more than once every five years. 

    The award may be postponed to the following year if no more than one nomination is submitted per category, or if no submissions meet the award criteria listed above. 


    The nominations will be adjudicated by a committee of Glendon colleagues. The committee will make recommendations to the Principal, who will make the final decision.  

    Nomination and candidacy file

    Nomination can be made by any Glendon contractual, tenure-track or tenured faculty member, and self-nominations will be accepted.  Each nomination file must include: 

    1. A nomination letter which includes a brief outline (maximum one page) addressing the relevant adjudication criteria, as well as the name and rank of the candidate.
    1. One letter of reference written by a researcher not employed by York and working in the same field of expertise as the candidate.
    1. A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae. Please make sure that it includes a list of recent research contributions such as publications and other relevant research achievements within the preceding 5 years.
    1. A non-mandatory Authorization to use the nominee’s CV .

    These documents must be submitted electronically to: 

    Reagan Brown, Research Officer, with a copy to Colin Coates, Associate Principal Research and Graduate Studies, 

    Student Projects Presentations

     Call for Participation


    The Glendon Research and Innovation office invites all undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their research assignments. Selected students will be invited to present during the upcoming Glendon Research Festival scheduled to take place online on April 5th to April 9, 2021. 

    The call for participation invites proposals in English or in French for a 15-minute presentations that will highlight the impact of your research and foster interdisciplinary discussion.

    Admission requirements

    Your project:

    • Has been or will be evaluated in a credited course offered at Glendon Campus between September 2019 and April 2021;
    • All proposals can be written in French or English;
    • Is compliant with York University research ethics policies and guidelines;

    May be presented in the following format

      • Oral presentation/PowerPoint
      • Poster 
      • Digital media 

    The Research Committee will evaluate the proposal according to the following criteria:

    • Relevance and interest of the topic
    • Demonstrable contributions, benefits and influences on society, culture, environment and economy.
    • Clarity and structure of the presentation
    • Diversity of speakers
    • Compliant to the project eligibility criteria listed above

    How to apply:

    Fill the application form and click on submit. The Submission deadline is on March 12th, 2021.

    Faculty Presentations



    The theme is as follows: 

    Research with impact 

    Glendon is dedicated to building an environment that promotes research. These efforts have led to the emergence of an active and diverse community of researchers in many disciplines. The theme for the 2021 Research Festival aims at better articulate the contours and possibilities of this environment . We invite proposals from all scholars (CLAs and CUPE included) whose body of research or scholarship has translated into a notable impact on scholarship, communities, individuals, public policies or practice beyond academia, while significantly and positively contributing to the University’s research culture and reputation.  

    The type of impact your research might have is specific to each project and therefore, like research, the definition of impact is wide ranging and varied. Some of the key area of research impact include: 

    • Research arising from a single or multiple research project conducted by an individual or a team  whose project or projects have significantly contributed to knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world.  The research outcome must have led to demonstrable impact within the researcher’s fields of research.  
    • Facilitating and engaging the flow of exchange of research knowledge in academia and/or wider community, and has generated intellectual, cultural, social and/or economic impacts.  
    • Developing new partnership approach to research and/or related activities, for example, through mutual co-operation and shared intellectual leadership and resources, has demonstrated impact and influence within and/or beyond academia.  

    The general call for papers invites proposals in English or in French for a 15-minute presentations that will highlight the impact of their research and foster interdisciplinary discussion.  

    Please submit your proposals for the colloquium (100 to 500 words) with a short biography in Word or RTF to the Research Office to the following address:  by March 12th, 2021.  

    All proposals can be submitted in French or English. 

    The Research and Innovation office will evaluate the proposal according to the following criteria:  

    • Pertinence to the theme of the research day 
    • Relevance and interest of the topic  
    • Demonstrable contributions, benefits and influences on society, culture, environment and economy.  
    • Clarity and structure of the presentation  
    • Diversity of speakers  

    We are in the process of updating this page. 

    More information to come.