Introducing g21: Partnerships for the 21st Century

g21 is a collaborative program that develops and nourishes new ways of learning and prepares students to act in a world where issues and challenges are increasingly complex. At g21, students are provided with dedicated time and space to develop and fulfill their passion so that their abilities and skills have a real impact. Students are selected based on their passion, aspiration and commitment.

g21 offers multiple spaces at the Glendon campus where various intellectual, emotional, and creative themes are incubated, nurtured and expanded, where ideas are fueled by passion, aesthetics, and ethics to find new answers to the problems facing our communities.

At g21, we cultivate curiosity-driven and exploration-oriented research, developing and strengthening students’ abilities to create new structures and systems of knowledge beyond the recognized and comfortable. To achieve this, g21 fosters an environment conducive to innovation and creativity including mentoring, technological tools and funds that allow motivated students to cross and challenge the boundaries of disciplines through their projects.

Inspired by the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for global partnerships to help people and the planet achieve peace and prosperity, the program encourages participants to engage socially and civically in what is important for them today and tomorrow. The York University community is already hard at work on solutions to SGDs 3, 11, 16 and 17: good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, peace, justice and strong institutions, and partnerships for the goals.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Glendon 21 (g21)

g21 is an inclusive and rewarding mutual learning and teaching environment for Glendon students, faculty, staff and their community partners. g21 brings learning back to its roots by offering a space free of constraints to think beyond the box. It’s the time and place to be creative!

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