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May 5th and May 6th 

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Is MAJ for me?

If you are a student in grades 10 to 12 looking for a chance to develop and showcase your programming skills, MAJ is for you.

What is MAJ 2018?

MAJ is a competition that challenges teams to design and develop a mobile application or video game that will help teens new to Toronto discover their new home, explore the city and ultimately feel welcome in the world’s most diverse city.

When families immigrate to Toronto, it is often their teenaged children that help their family integrate. This competition is an opportunity to these young leaders discover all that the city has to offer. Help lead them through Toronto by sharing your favorite spots, while guiding them through practical aspects that the official guide books don’t cover.

Throughout the competition, teams will be provided with support from developers.

How do I participate? 

Select your team of 5 with if possible the following profile. 1) an apprentice application programmer 2) an amateur designer in Photoshop, Illustrator or a similar program 3) a scriptwriter  4) a narrator (Story-Teller), sound effects, music, …), 5) a Torontophile (someone very familiar with the geography of the city) and a Philomathes ( some who loves learning and doing research). 

You can combine all or part of these skills, you need to coordinate with your teammates to achieve the best MAJ conceptualization. 

Step 1:

May 5th– participate in a full day design game-a-thon overseen by Sandra Danilovic, PhD student at the University of Toronto, specialized in Information Studies and expert in mobile applications and video games. At the end of the day, 3 teams will be selected to move forward

Step 2:

May 6th – a coding game-a-thon for the 3 selected teams. They will receive a help in coding by students from the Lassonde School of Engineering; York University. 

Step 3:

May 10th – selection of the winning team after a live demo during the Awards Ceremony


Not only with the winning team win a prize, their mobile app or game will be presented to the city of Toronto.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase your skills! 

Register your team now. Only the first 5 teams will be entered.

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What is a Game-A-thon?