Become a member of GL Zone!

Are you an involved student on campus, or looking to get more involved? Then GL Zone is a great opportunity to get connected and maximize your experience. The program offers various opportunities of involvement for all students as a Peer Mentor, e-Mentor or part of the Volunteer Squad. 

GL Zone peer mentor positions (E-mentor and Peer Mentor) are now open for 2020-2021! Apply now for a chance to join the peer mentor team! See the sign-up form below for more information.

Why join the team?

  • Belong to a group that shares the same values as you (other mentors)
  • Reinforce your community involvement
  • Gain valuable leadership skills & experience
  • Grow professionally and academically
  • Help foster a supportive and inclusive campus community
  • Further develop your conflict resolution, problem solving and communication skills
  • Improve yourself by helping others & developing your own goals
  • Contribute to the success & happiness of your fellow students


  • Communicate with mentees in person or through email
  • Communicate with the Program Coordinator when you have questions/concerns
  • Set boundaries and expectations with your mentees
  • Be inclusive to all students
  • Have extra availability at the beginning of each term to help mentees
  • Be resourceful and informative about resources and opportunities at Glendon (ex. Career & Skills Development Centre)
  • Have fun! Mentorship should be a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship, not an obligation, so enjoy the experience!
  • Peer Mentors spend 2-4 hours per week at the kiosk, while e-Mentors complete 0-2 hours per week.
  • Peer Mentors focus on in-person engagement with the community while e-Mentors focus on the virtual connection with their mentees and the community.
  • The Volunteer Squad members would be expected to get involved in helping with major campaigns & events that GL Zone and other departments host (ex: Red & White Day, Leadership Summit, Open Houses and more).