Registrations for new and existing clubs is open and will close on September 18, 2022


Welcome to the Glendon Clubs Portal !

Clubs and Student Organisations are an integral part of student life at Glendon. With their diverse interests, dynamic events, and distinct on-campus presence, clubs are an opportunity to do anything from networking to just hanging out. From playing video games in Richard’s room to international galas, the events and programming of Glendon clubs welcome students from all walks of life and meet as often from once a week to once a month – perfect for both commuter and residence students!

Here, you can find out more about the registration and renewal process, the day-to-day running of a club, and training sessions offered by the Office of Student Affairs; as well as begin planning your own event!


For a list of all clubs at Glendon and Keele, visit YU Connect.

Action Against Hunger: Glendon Chapter (AAH)


Glendon African Network (GAN)


Glendon Anime Club (GAC)


Glendon ASL Club (Glendon Signs)

Glendon ASL Club – YU Connect (


Glendon Club Agapé (GCA)


Glendon Communications Students Association (GLCSA)


Glendon Dance Team (GDT)


Glendon Digital Media Club (GDMC)


Glendon Drop In Dance Club

Glendon Drop-In Dance Club – YU Connect (


Glendon Economics and Business Club (GEBC)


Glendon Historical Society (GHS)


Glendon Linguistics Club (GLC)


Glendon Model United Nations (GMUN)


Glendon Musical Ensembre (GME) 


Glendon Muslim Students’ Association (GMSA/AÉMG)


Glendon Performing Arts (GPA)


Glendon Political Science Students Association (Glendon PSSA)


Glendon Undergraduate English Studies Society (GUESS)


International Studies Students Association (ISSA)


La Mode à Glendon (LMG)


Lion Heart Productions Coeur de Lion (Glendon Drama Club)


Peace by Peace Glendon (PXP Glendon)


Pro Tem Glendon’s bilingual newspaper  


Levi Organizations


Glendon College Student Union


Glendon Women and Trans Centre


Glendon Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Organization

Glendon Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Organization – YU Connect (


Lunik Co-operative


Pro Tem

Pro Tem | York University Glendon student newspaper (


Radio Glendon

Radio Glendon (