The GLLead: Glendon Leadership Development Program, offered by the Office of Student Affairs, aims to bring together Glendon students who are aspiring, emerging, or current student leaders, community leaders, self-starters, dreamers, and problem solvers. Participants in one or more aspects of the GLLead program are making a commitment to learning, self-development, care, and to making a change in themselves and/or in their communities.


We seek to cultivate opportunities for leadership development in three domains: 

Self Development …discover your innate leadership potential through programming related to aspects of self-development (i.e. articulating one’s mission, vision, values, interests, and definition of leadership; opportunities for reflection on experiences, attitudes and goals; making meaning of co-curricular experiences etc.)
Group Development …encourage Glendon students to be involved at the local level by supporting the development of student groups on campus (i.e. offering student group specific training related to organizational management, team-building, event planning, diversity and inclusion, etc.)
Community Development …generate ideas and action plans to create community initiatives and to embed a conversation around community care (i.e. workshops and campaigns related to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion; opportunity for students to create action plans related to community initiatives and receive individualized support throughout implementation, etc.)


What’s new this year? 

This year, we are reaching out to community members (staff, faculty, and students) to contribute to the GLLead programming on campus and online. If this opportunity is of interest to you, we invite you to consider contributing in one of the following ways: 

  • Facilitate a workshop: a 45 minute skill and/or knowledge building session for students. It is recommended that workshops be interactive and offer opportunity for participant reflection.
  • Facilitate an activity: a drop-in activity or display hosted at the Lion’s Den Kiosk in the Centre of Excellence. It is recommended that activities include an interactive element and opportunity for discussion.
  • Share a story online: share a story of leadership development through a blog post, a stand-alone or a series of social media posts (on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). 

Workshops, activities, and stories can relate to, however, are not limited to, the themes identified above in the self, group, and community domains. We welcome workshops in both French and English (or delivered bilingually). 


Are you interested in contributing?

If so, write to with the following information:

  • How you’d like to contribute: whether you’d like to facilitate a workshop, facilitate and activity, and/or share a story online
  • What you’d like to contribute: let us know a proposed title for your workshop, activities, or story and a 2 – 3 sentence description
  • When you’d like to contribute: let us know three preferred dates, times, and location that you’d like to host your workshop and or activity. If you’re interested in sharing a story online, please let us know your preferred medium (i.e. social media, blog post, student newsletter)