After you’ve accepted your offer…

When you accepted your office through MyFile, you can book your enrolment appointment at the same time. 

We offer each incoming student one-on-one assistance designing your first year at Glendon. In a relaxed, unhurried environment our team of expert academic advisors will guide you and a small group of fellow students through choosing your courses, getting your email and computer accounts, and becoming acquainted with the campus. Plan to spend a half day with us.

If you are unable to attend an enrolment appointment on campus, an academic advisor will guide you through the enrolment process by email. We strongly suggest you attend a session on campus if you can be in the Toronto area.


  • Online

    Go to MyFile and login using your student number and date of birth as your temporary password.On the left hand side of the page, click on “Book/Manage My Enrolment Appointment” and choose the program for which you would like your advising appointment.

    Follow the steps to choose the day of your advising appointment. You will either be given an in person appointment or automatically directed to complete the enrollment process by email. For international students or those living out-of-province, the appointment will take place online (so please do not be alarmed if the appointment is scheduled at an unusual time). 

    You may be automatically directed to complete the enrolment process by email based on your address. If you are in this situation and would prefer to attend a session on campus, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 416-487-6856 or email
  • By phone: at 416-487-6715
  • By email:

You’ll receive an email with a link to French and Spanish placement assessments. Don’t worry – these are simply tests to place you in a class level for your second (or third) language. If you don’t plan to learn Spanish at Glendon, you don’t need to take the Spanish test. If you’re coming to Glendon with little-to-no French or Spanish skills, it’s okay! Leaving sections of the test blank is fine and will ensure you’re put in an appropriate course level.

Step 1: Set up your student accounts online:

Before attending your enrolment appointment, set up your Passport York and student email accounts.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on New Student Sign Up
  3. Follow the prompts to create your Passport York username and password. Stop what you’re doing and write it down somewhere safe – you’ll need this. Your Google Apps (email, calendar, drive, docs) and FAS (computer labs login) will be automatically activated, and your York email address will be
  4. Write down your Passport York login info, and bring it with you to your enrolment appointment


Forwarding your email address ensures that you receive all important communications for new students throughout the summer and first year.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Google Apps account using your Passport York username and password
  3. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of your inbox
  4. Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP at the top of the page (in blue)
  6. In the Forwarding section, click on the Add a Forwarding Address button
  7. Enter your preferred email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and follow the prompts
  8. York’s Gmail will send your preferred email address a confirmation message. Click on the link provided in the message to complete email forwarding set-up

Step 2: Watch the degree requirements presentation

Before your appointment, you will need to watch the online presentation about Glendon’s Degree Requirements. It is very important that you watch this presentation prior to the enrolment appointment as we will not be reviewing the content of the presentation during the appointment. Watch the presentation here »

Step 3: Download and fill out the pre-enrolment appointment worksheet

What do you hope to gain from your time at Glendon? We know that this is a question that many incoming students are asking! At your enrolment appointment, we’ll talk about how you can craft your first year experience and your time at Glendon (including the courses you choose, what you might want to get involved in, how you might want to schedule your time, etc.). Our goal is to help you actualize your goals for your time at Glendon, this is step one.

Download the worksheet here »

Bring a copy with you to the appointment.

Join the Glendon: Incoming Class of #GL2020 Facebook Group to meet your future classmates, talk to current students about their experience, or ask staff members any questions.

Follow along #StartYourQuest as we share with you all the need-to-know information about starting at university. The show airs on YouTube bi-weekly from mid-May to mid-September, and will be shared through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and directly to your e-mail inbox!

If you missed any emails, you can find them in the Archive!

After your enrolment appointment…

This is due on the fifteenth of the month after you’re registered for your courses. For example, if you enrol in April, pay by June 15. Pay through your bank in person, online, or by phone, using your student number as your account number.

If you need more help, contact Student Financial Services in person at C138 York Hall, 416-487-6701, or send them an email.

Not sure if you’d like to live in Wood or Hilliard? Chat up your options with others from the Glendon: Incoming Class of #GL2020. Submit your application by June 1 to be guaranteed a spot.

For more information on residence at Glendon, click here »

The sooner you apply for OSAP, the sooner you’ll get your funding. Once that’s done, fill out your Student Financial Profile in August to be matched up with bursaries based on your financial need.

If you need more help, contact Student Financial Services in person at C138 York Hall, 416-487-6701, or send them an email.

Want a one-stop-shop for all things first year? You’re in luck! YU START is a key part of your transition to Glendon. YU START is an online learning platform that contains information on financing your information, careers, academic success, transportation, life at Glendon, how to get involved, wellness, and more!

If you’re living in residence, are a mature student, and/or an international student – YU START has specific information just for you.

YU START is also where you’re register for all orientation programming (more on that below), so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Click here to access YU START »

Participating in the various orientation programs at Glendon opens the doors to key campus services, resources, and staff that make our community truly one of a kind. There is so much to learn about studying and living in and around Glendon.

After Glendon Orientation Day…

First Year Experience Continuum

YU START (May – March) – Access the YU START platform throughout your first year of study at Glendon! YU START contains all of the information that you need for a successful transition to university. Participate in activities on and learn about financing your education, career exploration, academic success tips, student life, and more.

Peer Mentorship – Get to know your GL Zone peer mentor during a meet-up in the first six weeks of the academic year. Your peer mentor is your go-to resource for tips on getting involved on campus, navigating campus services, feeling prepared for university, and to chat!

Career Month – Throughout the month of November, the Career and Skills Development Centre will be hosting a variety of activities to mark Career Month. Visit their website for more information.

Financial Literacy Month — Throughout the month of November, Student Financial Services will be hosting a variety of activities to mark Financial Literacy Month. Visit their website for more information.

Enrolment Planning Workshop – Starting in February, you can book your Enrolment Planning Workshop with an Academic Advisor to help you select your courses for your second year and to plan your degree.

Glendon Student Newsletter – Each Monday, you’ll receive the Glendon Student Newsletter with events, activities, key pieces of information, and job and volunteer opportunities delivered right to your inbox. Make sure that you read the newsletter for tips for success in your first year as well as some giveaways.

GL Student Life Online – Follow the GL Student Life channels for all things la vie étudiante. We’re on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.