The 2021-2022 session of the tournament is now closed. Congratulations to the winners!

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Hey there! Welcome – or welcome back – to the Glendon Tournament! 

For a year now, the Glendon Tournament has given participants the opportunity to showcase their talents, develop team spirit while competing in a series of games and challenges, all to win prizes and rewards. 

Put the odds on your side and give “your 110%”, as the professionals say. Who among you can boast for eternity of having won the second edition of the Glendon Tournament? 

Many of you chose Glendon for its personalised college experience and “little campus with a big heart” vibe. With this in mind, the Tournament is one of the activities created for you by our staff and student volunteers. 

I hope that the Tournament will be a great opportunity for many of you to get a feel for what campus life is like and to get involved at all levels and in activities that will match your personality and your interests. In a team, there are no passengers! 

You’ve got this! 

Marco Fiola 

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Welcome one and all to the Glendon Tournament!

I encourage you to browse through this site, connect with your teammates, explore our campus through the virtual tour, and learn how to navigate your new virtual community. Most importantly, I invite you to take a look at the games and participate in those which speak to your preferences and skill set. Every time you play, every win you score, will qualify you for a series of prizes and bring your team closer to winning the grand prize of the Glendon Tournament. The Glendon Cup, as well as individual awards and prizes, will be awarded at the closing ceremony later on in the year. Just a little something to look forward to!
I wish you all a lot fun and success and be sure to check Glendon Connect regularly for updates!  

Eric Mézin
Executive Director, Student Services

Glendon College 

By participating in the Tournament, you agree to respect a few simple rules of fair play and courtesy towards other players. 

Do you agree to adhere to the following rules of the Glendon Tournament?

1. Be courteous and respectful at all times.

2. Do not use abusive, harassing, or threatening language. No “trash talking” or taunting is allowed.

3. No excessive arguing or disrespectful language is allowed.

4. In the event of a problem with the refereeing or the rules of the game, it is up to the Team Captain to refer the matter to the Tournament management committee; decisions of the management committee will apply to all players.

5. Team Captains are responsible for the behavior of their teammates.

6. Each player agrees to respect the rules of each game without seeking to cheat, and to show fair play at all times.

7. Intentionally hurting or attempting to hurt another player or official is not allowed

8. All players must play in a controlled manner. Reckless and dangerous play is not allowed. Team leaders and tournament directors have the authority to disqualify players who endanger the safety of other participants.

Registration instructions: 

  • Register above to be added to a team 
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to participate 
  • Start playing and submitting your scores!  


The teams were created based on names of popular trees found at Glendon. The tournament is designed to allow you to participate as an individual, gain points and prizes, but also as a team. Your points are added to your team total points and at the end of the year the winning team will be crowned Grand Champions! When you sign up for the tournament, you are automatically added to a team to keep the numbers fair.  If you’re not sure of what team you’re in, you can check eClass or message us at Click on each team to learn more.  

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Congratulations again to the Picea team for winning the 2020 Glendon Tournament Cup! 

Check out the video for an overview of the first year of the Tournament, some examples of players’ submissions along with their testimonials! 

Closing Ceremony


Examples of the games

  • Digital scavenger hunt of campus 
  • Mario Kart 8 
  • Coloring 
  • Photography contest 
  • Subway Surfers 
  • Among Us 
  • Flappy Bird 
  • Fortnite 
  • Temple Run 
  • Tetris 
  • Trivia Crack 
  • Candy Crush 
  • TikTok dance competition 
  • Jetpack Joyride 
  • Doodle Jump 
  • UNO 
  • And many more! 

Prizes that can be won include

  • Apple AirPods Pro 
  • SWAG 
  • Monetary prizes 







Contact Us 

We would love to connect and answer all your questions. You may contact us 


2021 2022 Winter Round Feb 16 – March 11 (ENDED, STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT SESSION)

For this round, games will open on specific dates. See below for details and submit your scores at the bottom

Photography Contest

We love a good photography contest and we want to see some of your fav pics from this winter! Whether it’s landscapes, snowmen or skating, we want to see it all!

    Water Sort Puzzle

    Do matching colours satisfy you? Do you like puzzles and brain teasers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have to try Water Sort Puzzle! Warning: This game is highly addictive.

    Links: Android / IOS

      Vision Board

      Create and submit a vision board for a plan to redesign the garden in the roundabout in front of the Centre of Excellence when you enter campus. This garden is located at the front of the campus and should be a showcase garden that reflects the values of Glendon and contributes to the overall appearance of the campus! Please consider the following elements when creating your vision board and BE CREATIVE!

      1. A pathway to move through the garden
      2. An interactive component (such as a small seating area or campus map for example)
      3. Plant species that you would like to see in the garden (specific types of flowers, small shrubs or bushes, grasses…)
      4. How this garden will reflect Glendon (colour scheme, aesthetic and theme of the campus…)
      5. Non-biotic elements (Decorations, rock borders, pots or planter designs if necessary)


      Create a digital or physical vision board of your ideas and take a picture or screenshot to be submitted for judging. If you would like to create a digital version, possible free apps you could use are Canva, Pinterest, or Google Slides. 


      Optional: Include a short description about your design choices and the symbolism or relevance of your ideas to the Glendon Campus. 


      Judging: The top three designs will be chosen by a panel of judges and then these three designs will be released to the Glendon Community to vote on which one they like the best through a digital platform. Student input is very important in this process. Elements from the winning vision board may be taken into consideration if and when this garden is redesigned. 


        Do you like brainteasers? Is Wordle one of your favourite parts of the day? Try Puzzword! Put your vocabulary to the test with this highly addictive game.


        Links: Android / IOS

          All things Glendon Kahoot

          Are you confident in your Glendon trivia? Want to learn more about the school we love? See how you do with our Glendon themed Kahoot just in time for our return to campus. Submit a screenshot of your score and don’t forget to turn up the volume because that music is catchy!

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   Game PIN: 0545304

            Session 1

            Championne de Scribblio, le Concours de design pour Picea et la chasse au trésor du campus | Champion of Scribblio, the Picea Design Competition and the Campus Treasure Hunt.


            My name is Laura Rodriguez Reyes and I’m in my first year of Translation at Glendon. I’ve lived in Oakville for a number of years now, but I’m originally from the Dominican Republic and Spain, so Spanish is my first language. Je parle le français aussi, grâce à l’école. I love reading, writing, and playing games like Animal Crossing and The Sims, so the Glendon Tournament has very much suited my interests and I’ve really enjoyed participating so far! 

            Gagnante d’une carte-cadeau de 150$ au York Bookstore et 450 points | Winner of a $150 Gift Card to the York Bookstore and 450 points 


            Hello, everyone! My name is Zachary. I’m a third-year student majoring in Business Economics and minoring in French Studies. I am also studying Spanish at Glendon. I am the vocal director at Glendon Performing Arts and a member of the choir at Glendon Musical Ensemble. In my spare time, I like to play games, play the piano, and sing. 

            Bonjour à tous! Je m’appelle Zachary. Je suis un étudiant en troisième année avec une spécialisation en économie d’entreprise et une mineure en études françaises. J’étudie également l’espagnol à Glendon. Je suis le directeur vocal de Glendon Performing Arts et un membre de la chorale de Glendon Musical Ensemble. Dans mon temps libre, j’aime jouer à des jeux, jouer du piano et chanter. 

            Gagnant de 100 points | Winner of 100 points 


            To the best of our knowledge, the Glendon Tournament is the only activity of this kind in Canada. It was co-designed with students, faculty and staff to create a virtual space where students could play together, share and also win cool prizes. You can check some of the students’ testimonials below. 


            Students typically suggest the most popular games, and there are always new ones to be tried. Last academic year, for example, students played over 29 games, including “Mario Kart”, several photography contests, “8 Ball Pool”, “Subway Runner”, “Cut the Rope”, “Tik Tok dance competition”, singing competition, etc. Check out our video here to see examples of the games they played last year! 


            Prizes will include swag and gift cards with a maximum value of $50. 


            HOW DOES IT WORK?

            As a Glendon student, you can login onto e-class where you will find all your courses as well as the Glendon Tournament. You should also follow us on Instagram at @Glendontournament to join the other players and meet the Team Captains who will welcome you and answer your questions. 

            As a new student, you will be automatically assigned to one of the four teams and be able to play one or all of the games; the more you play, the greater your chances of winning a prize. As a senior student, you will need to register by following the link above. 

            Each game has its own rule. For example, you may need to upload a screenshot of your top score; the winner of the photography contest is selected by a vote from the players; etc. Typically, all you need is your phone, a connection…And some skill 😊 


            We would love your feedback, to connect and answer all your questions. You may contact us at