Glendon Leadership Summit 2022

Leaders in Action

We are excited to announce that Glendon Leadership Summit is back and the theme for this year is Leaders in Action. It will take place from April 1 to 6, 2022, and it will be packed with some key events!

Our student club leaders will kick off the activities in the Student Leader Roundtable on April 1, then our partners from One Piece a Day will host a Town Hall on Climate Action in collaboration with the GL Zone team on April 4. Do not miss the activities on Emotional Intelligence at the kiosk March 28-31, and at the peak of the summit we will recognize and celebrate students at the Student Engagement Awards on April 6!


Join us! Let’s celebrate and end the year in style at the Glendon Student Engagement Awards on April 6 at 6PM! The event will be streamed through Zoom, register below for the link. 

At Glendon, sustainability is more than just a commitment to manage our waste and energy. It’s a part of the culture we cultivate on campus and in our communities and above all, a challenge that we must all choose to take on together.

Join us on Monday, April 4th, together with our partners at One Piece a Day, to help us develop and implement sustainability initiatives in our Glendon community. This event will include a brief presentation on climate action from One Piece a Day, followed by a gathering of student input on what can be done about climate change on various levels: individually, in communities, and institutionally as Glendon College. The purpose will be to develop a plan for Glendon’s participation in climate action.

Are you involved in one or more initiatives in Glendon? Do you want a platform to develop more and an opportunity to network? If you answered yes to both questions, join the Student Roundtable as a speaker! The roundtable will take place on April 1 at 3:00 pm and is one of several events at the Leadership Summit 2022!

Drop by the kiosk in the COE (Centre of Excellence) between March 28 to 31 participate in activities designed to help you build on your emotional intelligence. You can look forward to making your own DIY stress ball and other fun games all week long! 

Leadership at Glendon:

Glendon College strives to be at the cutting edge of leadership initiatives and personal development, the leadership summit is a demonstration of that effort. Students take the lead in planning and delivering leadership programming year-round. There is a rich culture of club activity at Glendon as well as many programs that give students the ability to grow such as the Glendon Tournament, GL Zone Peer Mentorship Program, Career and Skills Development, Writing Centre, Salon Francophone, Spanish Resource Centre and academic program departments.

There are many issues facing our world today from climate change to socio-economic challenges, but it is up to us as leaders to recognize these and decide on courses of action to transcend them. All action starts at the individual level where reflection and passion spark the initiative to act, and create a movement to accomplish positive change in our communities. Glendon’s flagship Leadership Summit is an event that seeks to bring together all community members with the intention of creating actionable plans that we can implement promptly. The summit aims to establish that leadership goes beyond a title or position and is instead “a value-based process concerned with effecting change on behalf of others and society” (Komives & Wagner, 2017, p. xii).


• Bring together members that make up the Glendon community including students, staff, and faculty to discuss pertinent matters
• Cultivate a vibrant leadership culture through a flagship event and connect Glendon to the leaders of communities nearby
• Provide a platform that highlights students taking leadership initiatives and gives them the opportunity to share their ideas for dealing with present issues such as sustainability and the climate crisis
• Identify resources available to support students taking positive action to develop themselves to achieve their goals
• Inspire students to reflect on their leadership stories, their communities and how they can contribute to positive change to develop a stronger sense of purpose
• Give students the opportunity to network with other individuals and cultivate the spirit of collaboration

Why attend:

• Empower your community
You can have a big impact when you act with the intention of contribution. At the Summit, you will participate in developing and implementing sustainable practices in our Glendon community.

• Take your leadership to the next level
At the summit, you will be able to accept your innate power and find ways of developing it. You will also have an opportunity to connect with a coach and mentor to help you grow!

• Find your voice, speak for your cause and be heard
We encourage students to stand out, share their stories, and how that fuels the passion for the contribution they want to make and the cause they want to make it for. The summit will be a way to practice your public speaking and overall communication skills.

• Develop your leadership story
Reflect on your self-development journey so far: how did you get to where they are today and how does that influence where you are heading tomorrow? How do you feel about the gap of where you want to be versus where you are now, and what are you doing about it?

• Network with like-minded individuals
Meet other individuals looking to make an impact and realize the value of groups. Learn the collaboration process and how to game plan.