Congratulations to our 2020-2021 recipients!

The Neal Stephenson Glendon Involvement Award is awarded annually to a full time continuing undergraduate Glendon student who is in good academic standing. To be eligible students must be serving in a volunteer capacity for one of the following groups: Pro Tem, Radio Glendon, GCSU/AECG or the Faculty Council.

This year’s recipient is:

Adela Cupi

4th year Psychology

Adela is currently an active member of the student governance body which pertains to the Faculty Council, and has constantly expressed her ideas, values and opinions with the purpose of being a great student representative. She is also a member of the Committee on Academic Standings, Teaching and Learning (CASTL). 

She was also a candidate for the position of Glendon Director during the YFS election last academic year. Adela has been a delegate at European Youth Parliament in Albania, and later in Switzerland. Finally, she volunteered at St. Francis Table where she helped in cleaning up, preparing food and serving it to homeless and less privileged families. 


Awarded to a graduating student who has been an exceptional leader, one who has made a consistent and valuable contribution to the community at Glendon. In celebration of building community, consideration will be given to the level of equity, integrity and caring that was demonstrated in the recipient’s leadership and to the positive impact this has made.

This year’s recipients:


Lucas Demirian

4th year International Studies

Throughout his career at Glendon, Lucas has been an outstanding leader in many initiatives in his various roles on campus. He was the Chief Financial Officer before becoming the President of CETA from 2018 to 2020. He led the creation of a mural project created by students to promote Glendon’s artistic talent and provide a more welcoming and welcoming space for students.

Lucas was a founding member of Sexual Empowerment Week, which promoted intersectionality and anti-sexual violence culture.

Moboluwajidide Joseph

4th year Communications

Moboluwajidide (Bo) is  currently the President of the Glendon College Student Union. 

He launched the interdisciplinary review of Canadian studies: Contemporary Kanata, supported by the Robarts Centre.

A participant in the ongoing work of the First Year Committee – providing strong contributions on what general education means from a student’s perspective.

Bo has had a significant impact on student life in York throughout his studies. He is a strong advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion at Glendon.

Natalie Skillaris

4th year Communications

Natalie is the President of the Glendon Digital Media Club. The club currently has over 100 members (students, staff and faculty), and continues to add new members each week. When the pandemic hit, the GDMC was able to provide the entire community with remote access to high-end computers and post-production software (such as Adobe Creative Suite). Natalie also thought about the need to plan for the future of the club as she moves towards graduation (summer 2021).

Awarded in recognition of the achievements of committed students who have had a positive impact at Glendon by generously dedicating their time and talents in at least one of the following areas: residence life, community building, peer mentorship, athletics, creative arts, or university governance.

This year’s recipients:

Ana Kraljević

Ana is a peer mentor with GL Zone, one of four team captains for the Glendon Tournamentactive member of the Glendon Student Caucusan Upper-Year Mentor within the Top Scholar Program, a student researcher in the RAP program, a legislative assistant for MPP Amanda Simard. 

Ana takes on many roles that benefit not only the Glendon community but her personal community as wellShe’s a student leader who is proud and inspires others to join in on leadership opportunities. 

Kelly Akerman 

Chair of the Master of Arts in Translation Studies Students’ Association, Kelly has been a driving force behind the Eleventh Annual Glendon Graduate Conference in Translation Studies 

He undertook the task of applying for two operating grant funds and one donation to cover the costs of a student-led initiativeHis efforts paid off: he secured a total of $3,587. 

He’s also a member of Faculty Council and a President’s ambassador, and a member of the Experiential Education Subcommittee affiliated with the Office of the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning). 

Leah Stammis

Leah Stammis is the Vice-President of the Political Science Students Association. She has been a resident Don and has served as a research assistant on several occasions.

Leah is also a website and social media assistant who helped with the communications program in the Translation Department. She was also a communications and marketing assistant in the bilingual Public and International Affairs program. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Glendon Charity.

Magdalena Kajo

Magdalena was previously Chair of Student Caucus for Glendon’s Faculty CouncilVice-President & Co-Founder of the Glendon Economics & Business Club (GEBC). She’s now a Research Assistant and part of Glendon’s Accelerator for Innovation and Best Practices in French Teaching, since September 2020.  

She’s involved with the Global Networked Learning (GNL), is a Bilingual Student Researcher of Open Educational Resources for Civic and Social Stewardship Module Development 

Nakamissa Sidibé 

Nakamissa is the Co-Director of External Affairs of the Glendon African Network Club; Information Director of the Economics and Commerce Club: Glendon Business Economic Club.

Nakamissa led the organizing committee during GAN’s Black Month celebration.

She also served as a model for other students through her involvement, determination and benevolence.

Awarded in recognition of the contributions made by a Glendon student who has recently become involved in student activities and demonstrates commitment and leadership potential.

This year’s recipients: 

Alicia Bakshi

2nd year, French Studies

Alicia is the Vice-President Bilingual for the Glendon College Student Union, a peer mentor with the GL Zoneinvolved in the Glendon Virtual Network initiativeShe is a member of the Glendon Undergraduate English Student Society (GUESS), as well as the Glendon choir.  

Alicia has also been serving as a Robarts Centre Fellow with the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. Her impressive academic record has also granted her a spot in the prestigious Top Scholar program at Glendon

Meri Karakhanyan

2nd year, Political Science

Meri is the Director of External Affairs for the International Studies Student AssociationMeri has been a student mentor with Glendon Peer Mentorship program: GL Zone. She is a student representative for the Glendon Student Council and Petitions Committee. Until January, Meri was the Events Coordinator at’s York Chapter and has since become the International and Customer Relations Manager with AIESEC at York.

Positivity: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated her commitment by being an encouraging and optimistic force. While remaining pleasant and accessible, she has established a climate of trust and respect with her peers. Its main objective is to ensure that there is a strong connection between students in order to improve communication and mutual understanding.

Emily Tupis

4th year Translation Studies

Support: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a high level of caring and actively supports the success of a team and each individual in the team by recognizing and considering the views of his or her peers. A student who shares information, ideas or suggestions to support and help a person make an informed decision or determine the best course of action.

Mateo Brown

3rd year Psychology

Resilience/ Endeavour:  Awarded to a student demonstrating determination, a firm commitment and an ability to bounce back from challenges, adversity and set-backs to achieve set goals or objectives. 

Hafsah Abdi

4th year International Studies 


Elton Campbell

4th year Sociology 

Other Awards

The Prix Molière is awarded annually to a student whose outstanding achievements in theatre at Glendon significantly contribute to the cultural vitality of the College community.

This year’s recipient: 

Rikki Van Goozen

The Robert Wallace Award is given annually to a Glendon student demonstrating a strong record of involvement in, and positive contribution to Theatre Glendon, while maintaining satisfactory progress in his/her studies. 

This year’s recipients: 

Sarah Weston                     Suonnah Barrette



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