Course Refund Deadlines

Dropping or changing courses may cost money.
Please refer to the table below to see what the financial impact will be.

Remember, if you “exchange” a course, this is the same as dropping one course and adding another.  Only transferring sections (i.e. section A to section B of the same course) or tutorials (i.e. tutorial 2 to tutorial 4) are free from financial penalties.

Do not confuse the academic withdrawal/drop dates with the financial refund table dates as they are different. For academic withdrawal/drop dates, check the Registrar’s office website.

*Dates updated as of March 20th, 2017

Term Full Credit1 90% Refund 40% Refund No Refund
SU Up to May 2 May 3 – 9 May 10 – 16 May 17 onward
S1 Up to May 2 May 3 – 9 May 10 – 16 May 17 onward
S2 Up to June 20 June 21 – 27 June 28 – July 4 July 5 onward
S3 Up to May 2 May 3 – 9 May 10 – 16 May 17 onward
B Up to May 2 N/A N/A May 3 onward
B1 Up to June 6 N/A N/A June 7 onward
B2 Up to July 5 N/A N/A July 6 onward

The terms listed here are the terms commonly available to Glendon students. For all terms offered through other faculties, visit the York SFS website.


Full Credit 1

10% Course Fee Withheld 2

20% Course Fee Withheld 2

60 % Course Fee Withheld 2

No Credit


Up to and including  Sept. 13

Sept. 14-20

Sept. 21-27

Sept. 28 – Oct. 4

Oct. 5 onward


Up to and including  Sept. 13

Sept. 14-20

Sept. 21-27

Sept. 28 – Oct. 4

Oct. 5 onward


Up to and including Jan. 10

Jan. 11-17

Jan. 18-24

Jan. 25 – 31

Feb. 1 onward

1. Credits are applied against any amount owing on your account. Refunds are issued only when all charges outstanding on your account have been cleared.
2. Fee withheld refers to the amount of fees retained by the University when you drop a course during the specified time frame. You are responsible for any unpaid withheld fees. .

Request a Refund

Refunds are routinely issued by Student Financial Services in November, March or July. If you have a credit in your student account, a refund by direct deposit will be made if your banking information is on file. If it isn’t, a cheque will be mailed to your current mailing address.

If your request can be fulfilled, a refund will be processed within ten business days.

Next Steps

  • Make sure we have your current contact information on file.

Update My Contact Information

  • We strongly encourage students to register their banking information with the university as Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) are a quicker, more secure method of refunding your funds back to you.

Create or Update My Banking Information

  • Request a refund online once you’ve updated your student profile:

Request a Refund

Please note the following exceptions:

  1. If you have withdrawn from courses since receiving your OSAP funding, and this has resulted in a credit on your student account, York is required by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to send all or part of the refund directly to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). This amount will be applied to your outstanding student loans to reduce the principal owing. If this situation applies in your case, you will be notified by letter of the amount of any refund York has sent to the NSLSC.
  2. If the refund you are requesting is the result of a recent payment to your account, we must wait 21 days until the payment has been cleared through your bank before we can process the refund.
  3. If you have a credit on your student account because you have received a York entrance scholarship, you can request a small portion of the credit to pay for books and other start-of-year requirements. Any remaining scholarship funds on your student account will be automatically issued to you in November during the normal refund schedule.


Financial Petitions

The University assists students in a variety of ways, not just through financial petitions. Please review the following information to ensure you address your issue with the correct department.

You may submit a financial petition if you experience a serious documented medical illness or a death of an immediate family member that causes you to drop courses.
Financial petitions may be granted at the discretion of the University and will be considered for a period of one year after the occurrence of the illness or death.

Please do not submit a petition if one of these reasons is the basis of your request for an adjustment. The financial petition will not be granted.

Not attending classes

Simply not attending classes or failing to drop unwanted courses are not sufficient grounds for a financial petition. You must also be aware that there are financial penalties for dropping courses after the start of classes. You are also responsible for the full fee for any courses added to your record, regardless of when in the term you added them.

Being unaware of the University policies and regulations

By the act of registration, you become bound by the policies and regulations of York University, including the Faculty in which you are registered. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the general information, rules and regulations of the University and with the specific information rules and regulations of the Faculty or Faculties in which they are registered, enrolled or seek registration or enrolment, as well as the specific requirements of each degree, diploma or certificate sought.
It is your responsibility to:

  • carefully assess your ability to successfully complete a course when enrolling/attending a class late;
  • verify course enrolments by listing courses using the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM);
  • ensure there are no timetable conflicts to course schedules;
  • verify course instructions;
  • enrol in a manageable course load;
  • ensure that courses chosen are appropriate to program requirements and course prerequisites.

Adding, dropping and replacing courses can result in additional charges to your student account. Most often, replacing one course for another will result in new and additional charges for the new course being added in replacement of the other. This information is available to students when using the York Registration and Enrolment Module (REM).

Being unaware of the academic versus financial drop deadlines

There are two sets of dates associated with dropping a course: one academic, and the other financial. Therefore, not meeting deadlines such as grades deadlines is not grounds for a financial petition.

Financial difficulties

If you begin to experience difficulty keeping your student account in good standing, come contact our office to discuss the financial resources available to you!
In addition, the Scholarship, Awards and Bursaries program offers financial assistance to students in need. Fill out the Student Financial Profile to be considered for awards!

Issues pertaining to Faculty related considerations

Issues arising within a course that concern the pedagogical relationship of the instructor and the student, such as the organization of a course, grading practices or conduct of instructors, fall within the authority of the department or Faculty sponsoring the course. Your concerns should be directed to the responsible department. It is advised that you contact the Office of the Dean of the responsible Faculty representing the course in question.
Matters concerning administrative processes, such as allegations relating to the actions or preparations of an employee or an office of the University, fall within the authority of the Faculty/department responsible. It is advised that you contact the Office of the Dean or the responsible department for a thorough review/resolution of your case.

Issues related to your account transactions

If this is the case, please contact Glendon Student Financial Services at 416-487-6701, or at, or come to our office at C138 York Hall.

  1. Drop the courses* for which you are requesting a credit/refund using the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM).
  2. Complete a Financial Petition form (below).
  3. If you are submitting a financial petition due to medical reasons, you must also complete the Attending Physician’s Statement form (below) along with your request.
  4. Submit your form(s), including all relevant supporting documentation, in person to our office in C138 York Hall (place them in the drop box after hours) or by fax at 416-487-6813.


Download the Financial Petition Form
Download the Attending Physician’s Statement Form

*Important note about dropping courses: if the deadline has passed to drop the course(s), you must submit a complete academic petition package. Your academic petition must be successful before your financial petition can be considered.