From January 23rd to 26th, mythology becomes reality. The Greek Gods rule whilst mortals -like you- suffer. Sympathetic to their plight, the Titan Prometheus defies Zeus in an attempt to alleviate these human woes, but even the Gods know that no good deed goes unpunished. A tumultuous chain of events is set into motion and even the natural world grows frigid under its icy grip.

What becomes of love when planted in dead soil? Unlikely pairings test the humours of Destiny, watering their relationships to see what may spring forth. For some, the fragile bud drowns under their own unbalanced hand. Others nurture a promising flower, but can only watch as Fate scatters its petals to the wind. However, for a hallowed few, a sapling begins to grow, extending its reach into eternity where it may never be uprooted.

Questions of morality and mortality await their unboxing within a far from ancient Greece, painted in leather and gold. From Olympus, to Earth, to the Underworld, Fate gives life to legend and reminds us that we are all fallible. 

-Leandra Williamson