Therac 25 is a story which explores the importance of love, vulnerability and connection when the path forward seems bleakest.

“How are you feeling?”

Perhaps the worst question to ask, yet often the most important. A question which allows you to take stock of your mental, physical and emotional health but one which may expose that vulnerability which you cannot permit in the moment. Therac 25 is a Canadian written play from playwright Adam Pettle which centres around two young adults who are battling two very different cancers. In their respective fights they find each other, not as lovers but as friends, as supporters. Supporters who find an escape from the monotony and exhausting cycle of cancer treatments in each other.

Welcome, one and all, to this rendition of Adam Pettle’s Therac 25. Due to the circumstances brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic, we have opted to present this show as an audio-only radio play. The production will premiere on Friday, April 2nd at 8pm. If you are unable to attend the premiere or would prefer to listen at another time, the YouTube link will remain available for 72 hours, so you may access it at any time between Friday, April 2nd at 8pm and Monday, April 5th at 8pm. The show lasts approximately 1 hour. After you register for a free ticket on Eventbrite, you will be emailed the YouTube link.

Keep in mind, the play will speak at length about cancer and death. It includes various loud mechanical noises and some moments of uncomfortable ringing. Please keep these in mind If you wish to watch this piece.

This production is an independent study project as part of Glendon’s Drama and Creative Arts Program.