I’m very excited to invite you to “I Like Where It’s Going”, an improv show made for my Independent Study Project for my final year at Glendon. Improv is something that both scares and excites me so I’m thrilled to bring you along to witness THE FIRST IMPROV PERFORMANCE EVER TO BE PERFORMED AT GLENDON. [*Coordinator’s note: we cannot confirm that this is true…] Due to the pandemic, we won’t actually be at Glendon so that’s why it’s so great! You can watch this show in the comfort of your home. I have gathered a great group of friends to perform a long form improv show Friday April 23rd at 7:30 via zoom and we all hope to see you there. 

To register for free tickets with the zoom link:  


“I Like Where It’s Going” is an improv show that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. A show where both the audience and the actors don’t know what it’s about, come bring your housemates, family members and pets to watch the gears of our storytelling turn before your eyes. Once in a lifetime opportunity to watch an improv performance where you can have your mic AND your video off: the lovable duo of zoom. Suggestions mandatory, pants optional. 



 Maddy Borg