Translation Internships are off-campus experiential learning activities designed to provide students with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment. Internships offer the opportunity to “try out” a career while gaining relevant experience and professional connections.

Student Testimonials

I was fortunate, with the support and guidance of the Glendon School of Translation, to complete my internship with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. This practical experience allowed me to sharpen my knowledge, learn the working methods of the office, work alongside experienced professionals and most importantly to have, fairly early on during my studies, the elements needed to decide which branch of translation or revision to specialize in. Among other things, experiential education facilitates access to the job market, helps students make better decisions about their career, and gives them access to the experience and valuable advice of highly qualified professionals.”

Lamia Nadifi | Office of Legislative Council – Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

“While I studied translation at Glendon, I had the great pleasure of accepting a full-time, paid internship at the Law Society of Ontario. This was without a doubt the most decisive event of my burgeoning career. It allowed me to experience the realities of my future profession, to get practical experience, to learn the basics of a particular area of specialization, and to build a network within the world of translation. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity and I urge every student to take advantage of the internship program. The professors at Glendon are excellent and theory is important, but nothing beats experiential learning. I graduated from Glendon in 2017 with my BA in translation.”

Charles-Étienne Lacroix | Law Society of Ontario

“I was offered the opportunity to do a remote French to English translation internship with the Translation Bureau a semester before I graduated. This internship was invaluable in many ways. Under the guidance of a senior translator at the Bureau, I learned how to improve my translation decisions, use advanced resources and style guides, and gain exposure to potential areas I could specialize in the future, such as global affairs, immigration, and economics. Through this internship, I was able to connect with and learn how to work closely with other translators in a team. This was also a great way to build my translation portfolio and add experience to my resume for future translation work.”

Areej Hashmi | Translation Bureau

“With the Translation Bureau’s Collaborative Training Program, I translated and revised documents from the Department of Defence, Public Services and Supply Canada, Parks Canada and Fisheries and Oceans. Our supervisor provided detailed feedback each week to highlight ways to convey the meaning of the source text in an idiomatic manner. Since the internship is a collaborative effort, my teammates and I consult regularly to ensure consistency in terminology. I am very grateful to the School of Translation for this fruitful learning experience that has trained me well in translation and revision techniques.”

Joyce Chweiri | Translation Bureau


“For the past four years, students in Glendon’s Translation Studies program have translated a variety of projects from English to French for the Canadian Language Museum. They have translated three travelling exhibits: Les langues de Toronto s’affichent, Au delà des mots: Langues autochtones et dictionnaires, and Les langues des signes au Canada. The CLM’s travelling exhibits tour across Canada to such venues as libraries, community centres, high schools, museums and universities.  Translation students also translated a special exhibit about Yiddish, Printemps Yiddish, a web exhibit Échos de la mosaïque, and a booklet Les langues autochtones au Canada. I am delighted to continue this partnership with the Translation Studies Program – I enjoy working with the students, and I believe they benefit from working on these varied museum projects.”

Elaine Gold

Director of the Canadian Language Museum

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