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Lamia Nadifi - Linguistic Advisor for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

I was fortunate, with the support and guidance of the Glendon School of Translation, to complete my internship with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. This practical experience allowed me to sharpen my knowledge, learn the working methods of the office, work alongside experienced professionals and most importantly to have, fairly early on during my studies, the elements needed to decide which branch of translation or revision to specialize in. Among other things, experiential education facilitates access to the job market, helps students make better decisions about their career, and gives them access to the experience and valuable advice of highly qualified professionals.

Lamia Nadifi 

Linguistic Advisor 

Office of Legislative Counsel 

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

Charles-Étienne Lacroix - Testimonial on Experiential Learning

While I studied translation at Glendon, I had the great pleasure of accepting a full-time, paid internship at the Law Society of Ontario. This was without a doubt the most decisive event of my burgeoning career. It allowed me to experience the realities of my future profession, to get practical experience, to learn the basics of a particular area of specialization, and to build a network within the world of translation. I will for ever be grateful for that opportunity and I urge every student to take advantage of the internship program. The professors at Glendon are excellent and theory is important, but nothing beats experiential learning. I graduated from Glendon in 2017 with my B.A. in translation.

Testimonial on Experiential Learning

Charles-Étienne Lacroix