CRLCC Translation Research Summer School 2017

The Centre for Research on Language and Culture Contact (CRLCC), in collaboration with Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact and the School of Translation, presents the 2017 Glendon Translation Research Summer School.

Audiovisual Translation: Between Theory and Practice


June 12-16, 2017. Glendon College (York University). Toronto 

Chair: Professor Yves Gambier. University of Turku (Finland)

Organizer: Professor Aurelia Klimkiewicz


Call for Participants

The aim of the 2nd Glendon Translation Research Summer School is to study different forms of audiovisual translation (AVT) from a variety of perspectives, ranging from theoretical and methodological issues to the analysis of multimodal texts, professional and practical challenges, as well as technical constraints occurring during the transfer itself.

The Summer School may also offer an opportunity to reflect on the current state of translation studies, as “translation must be understood from a more flexible, heterogeneous and less static perspective, one that encompasses a broad set of empirical realities and acknowledges the ever-changing nature of practice.” (Cintas & Remeal 2007, 10)

During the course of five days, participants will discuss issues related to theory and practice of audiovisual translation, such as dubbing, subtitling, sur-titling, voice over, audio-description, etc. Lectures, panels and workshops will be organized to encourage productive interaction with a focus on building and sharing knowledge, as well as promoting new research projects and networking among students, scholars and professionals. Lectures and public interventions will be inEnglish. Tutorials, individual sessions and projects will be in both English and French

The Summer School is open to a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and includes a vast array of topics:

  • practical aspects (subtitling, dubbing, sur-titling, audio description, etc.)
  • different audiovisual genres (fiction, documentary, animation, children’s programs, drama performances, opera, musicals, advertising, videogames, etc.) and different AV formats/settings (feature-length films, short films, TV, computer, DVD, mobile devices, video-clips, theatre, museum, etc.)
  • technical constraints
  • technology
  • ethics
  • multilingualism (texts and audiences)
  • translation between major and minor languages and cultures
  • cultural barriers (humour, taboos, clichés, profanity)
  • orality and voice performance
  • theoretical approaches
  • reception studies
  • research methodology
  • professional training and pedagogy
  • professional and amateur networking

You will find information about the application process, registration fees, and other useful information on the summer school webpage