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Beyond the Dream

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Beyond the Dream

Plot Summary

Beyond the Dream includes many intertwined stories, in addition to its double plot. One plot line traces the story of Anna, a 12-year-old girl in Toronto, who one night dreams she is almost captured by a huge warrior with burning-red eyes. This nightmare somehow connects her to another world. The other story line follows Tam, an 11-year-old boy from the other world who, possessing only his talent for story-telling, struggles to survive. The narrative unfolds, alternating between the two story lines, until the events in the double plot come to a head.


Aside from Anna and Tam, Beyond the Dream offers an interesting array of characters from both “our” world and from the other one, including Alison, Anna’s classmate; a skillful rider; a daring young woman; a rebel warrior; the witch Ling; and, of course, the malevolent Lord of Rocdur.

What readers say

“Excellent fantasy ... for young readers and adults. The magic is less important than the intelligence, honesty and courage of its main characters. The plot is very good, the action exciting, the characters very well depicted ... I look forward to the second part.”

Rosa Nebot, author of the acclaimed Fang i llimones.

“The most important thing about this text is that it is SMART reading ... The subject matter is also important. I find that it tackles issues such as class, gender, race, and politics. It does so in a way that the message really resonates, but without being too heavy-handed about it. It does not deter from the mystical world of the book, but actually reinforces it ... I think this novel is a gold mine, and I would love to read the remaining instalments, as well as see it turned into a film!”

Deanna, university student.

“So good I have already read it twice ... The truth is that it made me eager to read the next book.”

Jean-Paul, university student.

“I like the continuous adventures of this book ... The story is wonderful! I really like the way that Anna and Alison become friends in spite of their social and class differences ... I have read a lot of fantasies and this is one of the best.”

Marc, Barcelona, age 13.