The Writing Department’s mandate is to help students become confident, articulate and independent thinkers and writers. The Writing Centre provides assignment assistance which is supported by doctoral students and senior peers available by appointment.

If you want to develop your writing skills and get help, we invite you to make a remote appointment with one of our advisers / ambassadors.

  • Login to Glendon eClass using your Passport York
  • From the eClass Dashboard,  click the “GET ASSIGNMENT AND CAREER HELP” banner
  • Click on your preferred date and time for your appointment
  • Submit the registration form and our guides will receive a notification of your registration
  • Please bring in a copy of your assignment, the assignment instructions, and the course outline
  • In either English or French, our guides will provide suggestions for your assignment based on: grammar, style, structure and/or citation
  • Our guides will NOT write or re-write your assignment for you (learn more about academic integrity)
We recommend:
  • Schedule multiple appointments for the different parts of your writing process
  • Ask your professor any questions you have regarding your assignment (our guides cannot interpret what your professor wants)
  • Remember our guides are not responsible for the grade you receive on your assignment
  • Do NOT bring in your assignment for editing moments before it is due

Marie-Elaine Bourgeois

About me: I have a background in French and Quebec literature. I am the Coordinator of the Writing Centre as well as the Coordinator of the language program of the Department of French Studies. In addition to teaching language and literature classes, I have been working with students at the Writing Centre since 2008. Individual work with students is an aspect of my work that I particularly like since everyone has a different path.

Nadja Curumthaully

About me: I am currently pursuing my fourth year of Doctorate in the Department of French Studies. I have a B.A. and M.A. in French Studies from the University of York (Glendon University Campus). Passionate about French literature, I focused my research on 20th century women’s literature in France. My thesis focuses on three French authors: Colette, Simone de Beauvoir and Annie Ernaux. My research evolves between the disciplines of French history, literary postures and more broadly I exploit the relationships and different approaches between psychoanalysis and feminism.

Fiona Patterson 

About me: I am a proud Glendonite (BA ’07 & MA ’10), returning to pursue my PhD in Études francophones. Since 2013 I have been working as an elementary and secondary teacher in English and Francophone public schools. I am passionate about languages, literature, teaching, writing, translating and, of course, learning.

Fatima Benayoun

About me: I am a second-year doctoral student in French Studies. I have an Honours degree and a Master’s degree in French Studies from York University. I am interested in French-speaking Maghrebi literature, particularly women’s literature. My master’s thesis focuses on the effects of the Black Decade on women’s literature in Algeria.

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