Our biology program is a great option if you’re interested in exploring the major topics in biology with an emphasis on conservation biology, ecology and animal behaviour. Although the discipline of biology is diverse, conservation biology, ecology and animal behaviour are among the most important features of the environmental aspects of our daily activities. As a student in our program, you will be at the forefront of scientific research that shapes and reflects what the workforce is looking for.

Why biology at Glendon?

Studying biology at Glendon comes with features that set us apart. Here’s our top 5:

  • Our forested campus offers a natural teaching environment with direct access to studies and research literally in our own backyard.
  • Our small campus and personalized approach to teaching and learning go a long way to supporting our students’ success.
  • We are the first and only BSc in biology in Southern Ontario to offer course options in both English and/or French. More on how bilingualism is an asset to our grads »
  • Our program integrates social sciences/humanities to add valuable breadth and critical thinking and communication skills to your degree.
  • Glendon students can take biology courses in the Faculty of Science at York’s Keele Campus; biology is the longest-established scientific program at York and is home to internationally-recognized teaching and research professors.

Career connections

A worldwide focus on public health and environmental issues calls for more biology and health science graduates who can work in the science professions. In Ontario in particular, there is a need to provide health-related services in English and French.

If you are interested in biotechnology, forensic science, veterinary medicine, medical school, or other science-based graduate work, you may be able complete the required science courses while studying biology.

Your first year

Courses in your first year include:

  • Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Cells, Molecular Biology, and Genetics
  • Energy, Physical Sciences, and the Environment
  • A French or English language course (depending on your current language abilities)
  • A social science or humanities course of your choice

Admission requirements

See our admission requirements here.

How to apply

Already applied through the OUAC?

If you have already applied to Glendon through the OUAC and wish to modify your application to include the BSc Biology, you can either add another program choice on OUAC or you can change your current application.

Adding another choice

By adding a choice through OUAC, you will be considered for Glendon’s BSc Biology as well as any other programs you have already applied to. To do this, log in to the OUAC system and add the BSc code to add it to your list of choices.

Changing your existing application (for those who have applied through OUAC or through the York application)

If you would like to replace one of your current program choices with the BSc Biology, please send a request by email to admissions@glendon.yorku.ca using the email address that you provided when creating your application. Please include your full name, your York reference number, and specify which choice you’d like to drop and what you would like to replace it with (Glendon’s BSc Biology).

Haven’t applied to university yet?

Apply directly to us.

Ready to apply?

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) Codes

iBSc Bilingual:  YYG
iBSc Trilingual: YYL (Upper-year entry)

Program Highlights

International BSc option

Our bilingual or trilingual international Bachelor of Science degree follows the same structure as the BSc, but folds in additional language courses, internationally-oriented courses and an international exchange – typically completed in your third year.

More about Glendon’s International Bachelors degrees here »

Hands-on experience

Our program includes advanced research opportunities rarely offered at the undergraduate level. You will regularly test research, learn theory through practice (for example, on-campus insect sampling) and help drive entrepreneurship and innovation in your field – talk about relevant learning!

In the News

Two students inaugurate bilingual biology field research course.  Read more »

Biology offers the following degree types:

  • Specialized Honours BSc/iBSc
  • Honours BSc/iBSc
  • Honours Double Major BSc/iBSc
  • Honours Major/Minor BSc/iBSc
  • Bachelor BSc/iBSc


Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2020-2021
Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2019-2020
Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2018-2019
Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2017-2018
Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2016-2017
Biology BSc and iBSc Degree requirements 2015-2016

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Full list of all courses offered at Glendon for the Fall/Winter 2020-2021.


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