Laura McKinnon

Assistant Professor


   416-736-2100 x 88481

My long term research examines the ecology and evolution of migratory birds. My current research explores interactions between migration strategies and life history traits in arctic-nesting birds. Much of this research involves quantifying the costs and benefits of migration by estimating adult survival, reproductive success, and ecological conditions for birds breeding at various latitudes. I am also investigating how potential reproductive benefits of migration may be threatened by climate change by combining an ecosystem approach with physiological investigations to study the growth and survival of offspring in a changing arctic climate. 

Arctic, behavioural ecology, climate change, evolutionary biology, trophic interactions, migration


Doctorate :

2011: Université du Québec à Rimouski

Masters :

2005: Michigan State University


Research interests:

Ecology and evolution of migratory strategies of Arctic nesting birds; Trade-offs between direct (physiological) and indirect (trophic interactions) effects of climate change on the growth and survival of chicks of Arctic nesting birds; Effects of spatial and temporal variations of trophic constraints (predation risk, food availability on reproduction of migratory birds).


Journal Articles


Peer-reviewed articles (*supervised students)


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