At Glendon, French isn’t simply another major; it’s a path to
bilingualism. All our students study Canada’s other official language, no matter what level of language experience or skills they have when they begin their undergraduate studies. 


The Language Training Center for Studies in French is an academic unit created in 2012 with a three-fold mandate:

  • to enable students who do not specialize in French Studies (who are not completing a major or minor in French Studies rather students who are specializing in sociology, psychology, international relations, biology etc.) to meet Glendon’s bilingual requirements;
  • To prepare students to successfully complete courses in their disciplines taught in French (for example, a Psychology course taught in French);
  • To enable students to become more efficient and effective learners of French.

The Approach Employed in our Courses:

“The program focuses from the start on using French. Not just learning about it. And the advanced levels offer options that are particularly close to my heart – internships in French and participation in French language conferences.  This is where students can really live the French they learn.”

FSL 1200 really gave me the skills necessary to communicate effectively in French. By engaging in many group discussions, I have gained the necessary confidence in order to better communicate with others.”

Jennifer-Bianca Weerasinghe



  • Our commitment to bilingualism extends beyond the classroom into our immersion campus environment.  Your language can get a boost just by walking around the campus!  English and French
    are integrated in all facets of campus life. Practicing your French on campus can be as simple as discussing your plans with an academic or financial advisor or asking a librarian for help in French. You just have to take the leap!
  • Moreover, the campus offers opportunities to experience nearly every aspect of student life in French, from writing for Protem the school newspaper to performing at Théâtre Glendon.
  • Approximately a third of Glendon students are Francophones hailing from various parts of Canada and French-speaking regions around the world.  They are honing their English skills while you improve your French, creating a unique opportunity for Anglophones and Francophones to work together to develop their second language.
  • The Salon francophone, managed and staffed by Francophone and Francophile students, is a safe space students to practice their French and participate in a variety of fun activities in the language.


  • At Glendon, French isn’t simply another major; it’s a path to bilingualism. All our students study Canada’s other official language, no matter what level of language experience or skills they have when they begin their undergraduate studies. 
  • All incoming Glendon students begin by taking a Placement Test to determine their level of French and recommend which FSL course is most appropriate.
  • The Centre offers courses for students of all levels of French: beginner (level 1000), beginner-
    intermediate (level 1100), intermediate (level 1200), advanced (levels 2000 and 3000);
  • We also offer internships with francophone organization to a select of number of students (FSL2200).