What is the difference between FSL courses, FRAN courses, and AP/FR courses?

In order to efficiently navigate through the French course system at Glendon, let us clarify the difference between the courses offered at the three units.

FSL courses are offered by the Language Training Centre for Studies in French. These courses are intended for students who are not pursuing a specialist in French Studies (for example students pursuing a minor/major in History, Psychology, International Relations and others) but who need French for the Glendon bilingual requirement. FRAN courses are offered by the Department of French Studies at Glendon. These courses are intended for students who are pursuing a minor/major in French. AP/FR courses are courses offered at the Department of French, Keele Campus.

I have changed my mind with respect to my major/minor. Can I transfer between the Centre and the Department of French Studies ?

Yes. If you are currently taking course at the Department of French Studies and you want to transfer to the Centre, you need to write the FSL Placement Assessment (see question 4 for more information). If you decided to pursue a minor/major in French and you are currently taking FSL courses at the Centre, then you need to contact the Department of French Studies. You may have to write the Department’s proficiency assessment.

What is the FSL Placement Assessment?

This online tool has been designed to help us assess your level of French in order to place you in the most appropriate FSL course. You need to complete this assessment:

  • if you are a new student at Glendon and/or have studied French elsewhere
  • if you have previously taken FRAN courses or AP/FR courses and want to take courses at the Centre (see also question 2)
  • if you have completed the program Explore and want to see whether you can skip a level (for example move from FSL1100 to FSL2000)

Since the role of the placement tool is to assess your level of French and to help us place you in the appropriate FSL course, it is important that you complete it on your own, without any external help.

I have been placed in a course and I believe it is not the right level for me. What should I do?

If you believe that the level of your course is inadequate, contact your current professor immediately. You will be directed to speak to the professor teaching the course you intend to transfer to. It will be up to the latter to assess your level of French and accept or not the transfer. If you obtain the professor’s approval, you can then contact the Center’s Administrative Assistant (fsl@glendon.yorku.ca) to fill out a Course Change Form.

What is the minimal grade required to pass an FSL course? What are the prerequisites needed to move from one level to the next?

In order to move to the next level you need to have taken the previous FSL level and passed (for example – FSL1000 to move to FSL1100, FSL1100 to move to FSL1200, FSL 1200 to move to FSL2000; FSL2000 to move to FSL2100 or FSL2200). The minimal grade requirement to pass an FSL course is D. 

What is FSL2200 – Français par expérience and how do I enroll in this course?

FSL2200 is a three-credit course that offers students the option to participate in an internship in the Francophone community in Toronto in lieu of an “in-class” course. The Centre has established partnerships with various governmental and non-governmental organisms in the GTA. 

Enrollment: The number of internship being limited, students who would like to enroll in FSL2200 will have to be interviewed by the course coordinator first. Students who are interested in this course should express their interest by sending an email to our Administrative Assistant at fsl@glendon.yorku.ca.

I am a student at the Keele Campus. Can I take FSL courses at the Centre?

Yes, you can. However, priority will be given to Glendon students. Please check the course availability with our Administrative Assistant, by writing at fsl@glendon.yorku.ca. You will need to complete the FSL placement assessment.