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LE THÉÂTRE LA TANGENTE EN LABORATOIRE LE THÉÂTRE LA TANGENTE EN LABORATOIRE –  Le lundi 22 novembre 2021 à 14h30 au Théâtre Glendon – Lecture d’une adaptation théâtrale de la pièce UN QUAI ENTRE DEUX MONDES d’Alain Doom.   ENTRE DEUX MONDES…quand la fiction devient mémoire. Montage dramaturgique d’après la pièce Un Quai entre deux mondes d’Alain Doom.   Synopsis : Entre Read More

I Like Where It’s Going

I’m very excited to invite you to “I Like Where It’s Going”, an improv show made for my Independent Study Project for my final year at Glendon. Improv is something that both scares and excites me so I’m thrilled to bring you along to witness THE FIRST IMPROV PERFORMANCE EVER TO BE PERFORMED AT GLENDON. Read More

Les murs ont des yeux

Si les murs de votre foyer pouvaient parler, que diraient-ils ? La pièce Les murs ont des yeux met en scène cinq personnages, pièces d’une maison, qui après avoir finalement brisé le silence, font une découverte atroce. Que feront-elles ? Que peuvent-elles faire ? Elles ne sont que les pièces d’une maison, après tout !   Les Read More

Therac 25

Therac 25 is a story which explores the importance of love, vulnerability and connection when the path forward seems bleakest. “How are you feeling?” Perhaps the worst question to ask, yet often the most important. A question which allows you to take stock of your mental, physical and emotional health but one which may expose Read More

Love and Information

Glendon Drama and Creative Arts and Theatre Glendon present: Love and Information (pandemic remix) by Caryl Churchill A blur of intimate lives and public feelings, sending a message into the unknown… Join the students of DRST 2517 Staging Plays: From Script to Production as they present a remix of Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, a Read More

The Tales We Told As The World Grew Cold

Come meet Andrea, a mother who will transport you into a world of fairytales. This show promises to be one that you won’t soon forget! “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”― C.S. Lewis Streaming live for 3 shows only: February 4-6 @ 7:00 PM. To reserve a ticket Read More