Internship Opportunities

Lived experiences in French are at the heart of our approach at the FSL Centre: we believe that learning in the classroom must be complimented with learning within the community. This is why we encourage students to discover the francophone community of Toronto by doing an internship in French within the GTA. We offer around 20 internship positions within governmental and non governmental francophone organisations in Toronto.

We offer internships with the following organisations:

Choq FM (Toronto’s francophone radio station) 
L’Express de Toronto
Franc’Open Mic – Toronto
Centre d’accueil Héritage 

Checkout an article on an internship completed by one of our students to see an example of the opportunities offered at Glendon!


Exchange Opportunities

Glendon Campus, York University has signed multiple exchange agreements for students with Francophone Universities in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. These national and international exchange programs provide Glendon students with the opportunity to study at another University, either in Canada or abroad for a semester or a full year. For more information about Glendon’s exchange programs (admissions, application details, financial aid, required documents etc.) please click here


Explore is a five-week intensive language-learning course that allows you to take the course in the spring or summer, whichever you prefer. You can also take a job for the rest of the summer, if you’d like (see the website for more details)


The ORA student exchange program provides students in participating universities in Ontario, Canada and Rhône-Alpes, France, the opportunity to spend up to one year of non-degree study in the “sister” province. Both undergraduate and graduate students studying full-time from participating universities are able to apply for ORA. The host university decides whether to admit students and at what level they will be admitted (undergraduate or graduate).

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