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Doctorat : McMaster University

B.Sc.   McGill University


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Member, Joint Designation Committee, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards/ National Register. 1991- 1997. Chairperson, 1993-95

Member of Council, Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. 1986-1988

Member, Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology, 1985-1990. Secretary-Treasurer, 1986-87. Chair, 1987-88

Member, Task Force on Legislation, Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology  1990-91

Member, Search Committee for Registrar, Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology, 1991.

Examiner, Oral Examination Committee, Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology, 1982, 1983

Chair of Examination Team, Oral Examination Committee, Ontario Board of Examiners in Psychology, 1990-99

Co-Editor, Special Issue, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2002

Programme Evaluator, Psychology Programme, University of Ottawa, 1996

Chair, Section on Social Psychology, Canadian Psychological Association, 1984-86.

Member, Editorial Board, Canadian Psychology, 1984-1987.

Member, Mental Health Management Review Committee, National Health Research and Development Program, Health and Welfare Canada, Ottawa, 1989.

Member, Working Group (Evaluation of parapsychology). Office of Technology Assessment, Congress of the United States. Washington D.C., September 29-30, 1988.

Member, Selection Committee for Leave and Postdoctoral Fellowships, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Ottawa, 1981.

BBS Associate - (Behavioral and Brain Sciences)

Member, Editorial Board, The Skeptical Inquirer.

Member, Executive Council, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

Series Editor, Psychology Series. Prometheus Books. 1986-89.

Consulting Editor, Zetetic Scholar.

Consulting Editor, The Journal of Near-death Studies.

Psychological Consultant, International Primate Protection League,

Secretary-treasurer, Ontario Congress of Academic Psychologists, 1975-77.

Member, Board of Directors, Interest Group for the Teaching of Psychology, 1973-74.

Scientific Advisor, Forces Beyond Productions 1994

Consulting Editor, The Dictionary of Psychology (R.J. Corsini). Philadelphia, PA: Brunner/Mazel. 1999

Member, Council for Scientific Medicine

Member, Editorial Board, The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine

Member, Commission  for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health           

Member, Advisory Board, American Council on Science and Health

Occasional Reviewer:

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                  Journal of Conflict Resolution

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                  Journal of Educational Psychology

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                Parapsychology Association (1994 conference)

               Animal Behavior

               Imagination, Cognition and Personality

              Perspectives on Psychological Science

             Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice

            Columbia University Press

            Palgrave Press

Member, Board of Directors, North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada, 1987-90. Honorary Member, 1990 - present.

Psychological Consultant, Department of Psychology, Workers' Compensation Board Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, Downsview, Ontario, 1974-1987.

Member, Definition of Blindness Committee, Canadian National  Institute for the Blind, 1983.

 Member, Child Sexual Abuse Collaborative Treatment Protocol Development Committee. Region of  Peel, 1985.