Andrew C. Dawson

Professeur agrégé


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   416-736-2100 x 88383
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Mes principaux champs de recherche sont la sociologie politique, le développement international, la violence, ainsi que les méthodes comparatives et historiques. Actuellement, je poursuis une analyse de l'impact de la culture politique sur la violence et la primauté du droit.

La sociologie politique; la sociologie du droit; la violence; la sociologie du développement; la sociologie historique et comparative; les méthodes quantitatives.

Études postdoctorales : Université de Montréal
Doctorat : Université McGill
Maîtrise : Université McGill

Articles dans des revues savantes

Dawson, Andrew and Liam Swiss (forthcoming).  “Foreign Aid and the Rule of Law: Institutional Diffusion versus Legal Reach.” British Journal of Sociology.

Dawson, Andrew (2018).  “Police Legitimacy and Homicide: A Macro-Comparative Analysis.” Social Forces 97 (2): 841-866.

Dawson, Andrew (2017).  “Belief in State Legitimacy and Homicide: A Cross-National Analysis.” The Sociological Quarterly 58 (4): 552-575.

Dawson, Andrew (2016).  “Political Violence in Consolidated Democracies: The Development and Institutionalization of Partisan Violence in Late Colonial Jamaica (1938-1962).” Social Science History 40 (2): 185-218.

Dawson, Andrew (2013). “The Social Determinants of the Rule of Law: A Comparison of Jamaica and Barbados.” World Development 45: 314-324.

Lange, Matthew and Andrew Dawson (2010). “Education and Ethnic Violence: A Cross-National Time-Series Analysis.” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 16 (2): 216-239.

Dawson, Andrew (2010). “State Capacity and the Political Economy of Child Mortality in Developing Countries Revisited: From Fiscal Sociology towards the Rule of Law.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 51 (6): 403-422.

Lange, Matthew and Andrew Dawson (2009). “Dividing and Ruling the World? A Statistical Test of the Effects of Colonialism on Postcolonial Civil Violence.” Social Forces 88 (2): 785-817.

Research Grant (2017-2019)
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
“An Analysis of the Long-Term Trajectories of Homicide Rates between the United States and Canada from the Mid-Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century.”
Role: Principal Investigator

Insight Grant (2016-2021)
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
“Developing Conformity: Foreign Aid and the Diffusion of Global Norms.
Role: Research Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Dr. Liam Swiss, Department of Sociology, Memorial University