Igor Djordjevic

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Études anglaises

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•     Remembering, Replaying, and Rereading Henry VIII: The Courtier's Henry (Routledge, forthcoming).  

  •    King John (Mis)Remembered: The Dunmow Chronicle, the Lord Admiral’s Men, and the Formation of Cultural Memory. Farnham: Ashgate, 2015.  
     •    Holinshed's Nation: Ideals, Memory, and Practical Policy in the Chronicles. Farnham: Ashgate, 2010.

Articles dans des revues savantes
 •    Thomas, Lord Cromwell Recontextualized: An Economic Fable in Response to The Merchant of Venice.” Comparative Drama 56 (2022): 389-413.

 •    “The Possible Origins of Edmund’s
Birtherism: Thomas, Lord Cromwell by ‘W.S.’” Notes and Queries 266:1 (2021): 113-15.

  •    “‘A Picture of my Mind, my Sentiments all laid open to their View’: Lady Chudleigh’s Printed Verse, the Coterie Reader, and the Modern Editor.” 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era 24 (2019): 3-31.

    •    "'No chronicle records his fellow': Reading Perkin Warbeck in the Early Seventeenth Century." Renaissance and Reformation 40.2 (2017): 63-102.

     •    “W.P.: The Case for William Patten’s Contribution to Holinshed’s Chronicles (1587).” Notes and Queries 53.1 (2006): 40-43.   
     •    “Cadenus and Vanessa: A Rhetoric of Courtship.” Swift Studies 18 (2003): 104-118.   
     •    “Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet): From Shakespearean Tragedy to Postmodern Satyr Play.” Comparative Drama 37 (2003): 89-115.   
     •    “The (In)Complete Quest of Sir Yorick, the Knight of Charity: A Sentimental Journey as a ‘Cervantic’ Romance.” The Shandean 14 (2003): 79-97.   


     •    “‘The breath of kings’ and ‘the pleasure of dying’: Political ‘Sin’ and Theatrical Redemption in Eikon Basilike.Sin’s Multfaceted Aspects in Literary Texts. Ed. Paola Partenza. [In the series: Passages – Transitions - Intersections, Vol. 5]. Göttingen, Germany: V&R Unipress, 2018. 15-35.

     •    "Shakespeare and Medieval History." The Handbook of Holinshed's Chronicles. Ed. Paulina Kewes, Ian Archer, and Felicity Heal. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012. 515-30.

Autres publications

    •    “Schools of Criticism (II).” Trans. Igor Djordjevic. Interviews with Northrop Frye. Ed. Jean O'Grady. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008. 1079-88. Originally appeared in Republika 46.11-12 (Nov.-Dec. 1990): 48-54.    
     •    Review of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare’s History Plays (2002). Essays in Theatre 20 (2002): 173-76.