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  • Palda, Filip and Xavier de Vanssay (eds.) 2014. "The Socratic Economist. Reflections on the life and writings of Zane Spindler." Cooper-Wolfling Publishers

Articles dans des revues savantes

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Autres publications

  • "Measuring Market Power in the Japanese Beer Industry" (with C. R. Parsons). American Association of Wine Economists, AAWE Working Paper n° 131, January 2013.  Maison d'édition  
  • "Constitutional Design and Economic Freedom" (with Z. A. Spindler). The Independent Institute (Working Paper n° 24).  Maison d'édition  
  • "The Institutional Foundations of Economic Freedom: A time-series, cross-section analysis" (with V. Hildebrand and Z. A. Spindler). The Independent Institute (Working Paper n° 51).  Maison d'édition 
  • "New Evidence of Competition in the Japanese Tire Industry using Market Share Analysis" (with C. R. Parsons and X. D. Nguyen). Yokohama National University, Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia, December 2018, CESSA WP 2018-02.  Maison d'édition