Tuan (Titou) Cao-Huu

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systèmes d'imagerie avancée ; vision artificielle

real-life applications of supercomputing technology and advanced imaging systems.

I work also on theory to compute conformal structures for geometry representations, for example see here,  giving ground to novel strategies that might pave the road for advances in diverse problems. My collaborative work  with  Harvard/MIT colleagues is here as PDF  ftp.deas.harvard.edu/pub/tuan/audet/plan.pdf and here.

Doctorat :
Université de Sherbrooke
Maîtrise :
Université de Concordia

théorie de l'information; vision par ordinateur et vision biologique; imagerie médicale; applications au monde réel; discrete Ricci flow; epidemioloie;


Articles dans des revues savantes

   •    The L-Functions Have Only Simple Non Trivial Zeros. Tuan Cao-Huu and Florin Alan Muscutar. 2016.


     •    Multiple Solutions of Riemann-Type of Functional Equations. T. Cao-Huu and D. Ghisa.  February 2016. Journal of British Mathematics and Engineering.


     •    Invariants of Infinite Blaschke Products. T. Cao-Huu and D. Ghisa.

           MATHEMATICA, Tome 49 (72), No 2, 2007, pp. 139–148. PDF.

     •    DOI and fMRI coupling study across scanners. Tuan Cao-Huu Brownell, A.-L. Canales, K. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ LEOS.2007.438228. Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, IEEE, November 2007. -- Availability on line, for a fee, at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/ . For Copyright reasons, please pay for the IEEE version.
     •    fMRI and DOI Non-Rigid Registration with Discrete Curvature Flows and Mutual Information. Tuan Cao-Huu Brownell, A.-L. Lachiver, G. Wong, S. Brownell, G. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/LEOS.2007.4382282. IEEE Lasers, Electro-Optics Society, Nov 2007. Availability on line, for a fee, at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/ . For Copyright reasons, please pay for the IEEE version
     •    Dianalytic Transformations of Klein Surfaces and their Groups of Invariants. T. Cao-Huu and D. Ghisa, F.Muscutariu. Automation Computers Applied Mathematics. Vol. 15 (2007) No. 1, pp 7-15. 
     •    GEOMETRY AND ITERATION OF DIANALYTIC TRANSFORMATION. AUTOMATION, COMPUTERS, APPLIED MATHEMATICS Volume 13, Number 1, 2006, ISBN 1221-437. Available also at arxiv.org at Cornell digital library. 


Mobile Telemedicine: A Computing and Networking Perspective. Tuan Cao-Huu. Published by CRC Press, June 2008. ISBN 1420060465, 9781420060461 -- 440 pages. Web reading possible in a flash format as featured Chapters by CRC press at:  Maison d'édition  

Autres publications


I consult for US Army and NIH supported research at MGH, Harvard University

Anna Liisa Brownell, PhD
Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Associate Physicist, Massachusetts General Hospital

My work at Harvard.