Glendon Accessibility Services and Student Services work in partnership to support alternate exam/test accommodation services for students with disabilities.

Currently for online exams/tests, accommodations are provided directly by course instructors/professors – you do not need to submit alternate exams/tests requests for online exams/tests. Simply ensure that your course instructors have a copy of your Letter of Accommodation and are familiar with your test/exam accommodations. 

The instructions below are for students that have in-person exams/tests and require in-person test/exam accommodations. Students can start submitting Alt Exams requests starting on September 7, 2021. 

Request an Alternate Exam (For in-person Glendon exams/tests)

  1.  Register with the Accessibility Counsellor at the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling (AWC) Center. Whether you are a new or continuing student, you need to be currently registered with the accessibility services to access alternative exam/test scheduling services. 
  2.  Review the alternate exam/test scheduling proceduresBefore you begin scheduling your alternate exam/test requests, please familiarize yourself with the Alternate Exams Policies and Procedures by reviewing the Alternate exams and tests booklet. 
  3.  Connect with your course directorsYou are encouraged to set up a time in the first few weeks of class to discuss your academic accommodation needs with your course directors. Check your course outlines as soon as you receive them for a list of upcoming test/exam dates (so you know what dates/exams to submit to the Alternate Exams/Tests Centre). We suggest that you submit all exams/tests as soon as possible (including exams that don’t yet have a date and will be held during an official exam period).
  4.  Submit your alternate exam/test request here. It is the student responsibility to submit their request at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled dates.*For help navigating this portal, please consult the red message box at the bottom of the page. 
  5.  Review your request history before logging off to ensure accuracy of all tests details.
  6.  Check your alternate exam or test booking information online one (1) week prior to the scheduled date. Verify the exact time of your exam/test and the location where it will take place. Report any discrepancies to the Alternate Exam and test office immediately.
  7.  Changes might occur after a booking has been posted online. Please ensure you check online regularly for updates to your booking.
  8.  The Alternate Exam Centre at Glendon is located at York Hall A Wing – room A106.**
  9. Activate your library ACAD lab account in case your alternate exam/test needs to be printed on a printer in one of the student computer labs on campus.

**If you are taking in-person Keele courses and need accommodated in-person exams, you will have to complete your exams at the Keele Alt Exams Centre.  Please consult the Keele Alt Exams website

Important Notice: If you do not follow the guidelines and procedures outlined above, accommodations for your exams/tests cannot be guaranteed. 

*If you need help navigating the portal (point 4):

-This video will walk you through how to use the Alt Exams Portal : Please note that this video was created by the Keele campus, so it shows the Keele campus website. Please still use our website to access the portal. 

-This document will also walk you through the steps to follow. 

For questions regarding Alt Exams scheduling, please contact the Alt Exams coordinator, Patricia Cassan  : or

If you have any questions about the Alt Exams process, please contact your accessibility counsellor directly or contact