Course Refund Deadlines

Do not confuse the academic withdrawal/drop dates with the refund table dates as they are different.

Dropping or changing courses may cost money. Note that you can exchange a course you are in for a different course. Using the feature to exchange a course performs the course add and course drop for you in one step. If you are not able to get into the second course successfully, e.g. it is full, you will still remain enrolled in the first course. If you are successful, the first course will be dropped. Because a successful exchange performs a course drop, exchanging a course may have a financial impact. Please refer to the table below for the term in which you have enrolled to see what the financial impact will be. 

Associated Course Fees: Additional fees for course materials, lab fees etc. may be charged in individual courses. Visit the York University Courses website or the appropriate academic department or unit for information about such fees.

Term                                        Last Day For Full Refund1 10% Course Fee  Withheld 2 20% Course Withheld 2 60 % Course Fee Withheld 2 No Refunds From This Day Onward
F Sept. 14 Sept. 15 – 21 Sept. 22 – 28 Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 Oct. 6
Y Sept. 14 Sept. 12 – 21 Sept. 22 – 28 Sept. 29 – Oct. 5 Oct. 6
W Jan. 23 Jan. 24 – 30 Jan. 31 – Feb. 6 Feb. 7 – Feb. 13 Feb. 14
1. Credits are applied against any amount owing on your account. Refunds are issued only when all charges outstanding on your account have been cleared.
2. Fee withheld refers to the amount of fees retained by the University when you drop a course during the specified time frame. You are responsible for any unpaid withheld fees.