Continuing York students are not required to pay a registration deposit. 

Your registration deposit is part of your tuition fee and will be credited towards tuition owing: it is not an additional fee.

The deposit confirms your registration and unlocks tools and services you will need to prepare for the start of classes.

In general, if you do not pay your deposit before the due date, you will be de-enrolled from your courses.

The deposit is non-refundable.

Domestic Students:

A  $300 deposit must be paid after you being enrolling in courses.
The tables below indicate the reigstration depost due dates according to your first date of enrolment in a course.

If you enrol for fall or full-year courses: You must pay your deposit no later than:
before June 1 June 15
June 1 – June 30 July 15
July 1 – July 31 August 15
August 1 or later 10 days after you enrol in your first course
If you enrol for winter term courses: You must pay your deposit no later than:
September 1 – September 30 October 15
October 1 – October 31 November 15
November 1 – November 30 December 10
December 1 or later 10 days after you enrol in your first course
If you enrol for summer term courses: You must pay your deposit no later than:
March 1 – March 31 April 10
April 1 – April 30 May 10
May 1 or later 10 days after you enrol in your first course

Paying the Deposit

  • You can pay your registration deposit as you would your course fees. For more information see Paying Your Fees.
  • Since the deposit is part of your tuition, it will not appear as a separate charge on your student account statement.
  • If you wish to drop one or more of your courses, you must officially drop the course(s) using the online Registration and Enrolment Module; otherwise, you may lose all or part of the tuition you paid for the course, as per the Refund Table. Simply not attending classes does not release you from the financial or academic obligation for courses in which you have previously enrolled.
  • If you miss your deposit payment deadline you will not be permitted to enrol in additional courses until the payment is made.
  • When you make late payments, your enrolment access cannot be opened until the day after the payment is received; please plan accordingly.

Unlock Tools and Services

Paying your deposit unlocks a variety of student tools and services that will help you prepare for and continue with your studies.

Tools that you will be able to access once your deposit is received include:

  • Receiving financial aid, including OSAP funds, the Ontario Tuition Grant, and funds received through the Student Financial Profile application.
  • Request a Letter to confirm your registration for the release of external funds like RESPs, for inclusion in private health insurance plans, or for visa or immigration purposes
  • Moodle access to view online coursework

Payment of your deposit will also unlock access to these student services:

Avoid De-enrolment

If you do not pay your deposit by the due date (and are not eligible for an academic fee waiver*) you will be de-enrolled from your courses. Space in the courses will then be made available to other students.

Check the Registration and Enrolment Module to determine if you have been de-enrolled. If you have been removed from a course, you will need to pay your deposit to enable you to re-add the course. Note that there is no guarantee that space will still be available in any of your preferred courses after being de-enrolled.

Important Information

  • See Paying Your Fees for details on how to pay your deposit or other charges to your student account.
  • Payments from major Canadian banks may take up to three business days to be transferred from your bank to York. Payments from other financial institutions or other countries may take longer (up to three weeks). Please plan accordingly to avoid late charges or de-enrolment.
  • If you have been de-enrolled and the last date to add without permission has passed, you will have to contact the professor and the department offering the course for permission to enrol.

*For information about Academic Fee Waivers please visit the Waivers and Payments by a Third Party web page.

International Students:

After accepting your offer, international students are required to pay a $1500 non-refundable acceptance deposit. Whether or not you need a PAL to apply for a study permit, the $1500 acceptance deposit is required from all international students to maintain your offer. As a reminder, this non-refundable deposit is part of your tuition fee and will be credited to your student account.

Paying the Deposit:

The University does not encourage use of third-party intermediaries such as agents to avoid any future issues with refunds. We also caution all fee payments should be made payable to “York University” and not to a third party.

York University has partnered with two providers (CIBC International Student Pay and Convera) who offer secure online portals for International Students to make payments for course/program fees, residence, health care and UHIP charges appearing on their Student Account Online Statement.

These portals provide the following benefits:

  • Easily make payments in your preferred currency;
  • Access competitive foreign exchange rates;
  • Multiple payment options; and
  • Student support provided by the service provider.

Payment Options:

You can compare both providers for payment options and rates, and choose the best one that meets your needs.

CIBC International Student Pay

Pay with CIBC International Student Pay

Note: You do NOT need to go to a CIBC bank branch or have a CIBC bank account to use this service.


Pay with Convera

Important Note: For anyone making payments through Convera and CIBC, please be advised that all transactions to and from sanctioned and restricted jurisdictions have been suspended until further notice. If you are impacted by this service disruption, please get in touch with registrarial services. Any additional updates to this situation will be shared as soon as possible.