Financial Petitions Update

The Financial Petitions Process has recently undergone a transformation to better address the growing unique circumstances that students face today. Please see details pertaining to the new procedure below.

Financial Petitions

The University assists students in a variety of ways, not just through financial petitions. Please review the following information to ensure you address your issue with the correct department.

If you answer yes to all of the below, submit a financial petition request:

  • You have experienced an unforeseen circumstance/event during an academic term which disallowed you to continue your studies
  • You have dropped the course in which you plan to submit a financial petition for, or have an approved academic petition for any courses with a “W” grade
  • It is within two terms1 following the term in question

Examples of unforeseen circumstances that took place during the term in question may include, but are not limited to, medical illnesses, death of an immediate family member, eviction notices, or assuming the role of a primary care giver.

Acceptable supporting documents to accompany your financial petition request includes the following, but is not limited to:

  • A signed doctor’s note
  • Medical documents on letterhead
  • Death certificate including proof of relationship with deceased individual (if applicable)
  • Other third-party documentation that substantiates your circumstance

Note, supporting documentation is highly recommended to assist with the review process and decision making. Financial petition requests that are not accompanied by supporting documentations will be reviewed and additional information may be requested.

Refunds are automatically applied to your student account if you drop your courses after the start of classes, per the refund table. A financial petition request is not required to get these refunds.

Twice every month, the Student Financial Services Team within the Office of the University Registrar reviews financial petition requests. Requests made within two terms1 of the course term in question and accompanied with acceptable supporting documentation will be notified of the results within one month of the request date.

Students who request a financial petition past two terms of the course term in question and/or do not have acceptable supporting documentation may be contacted to gather additional information. Further review may be required. Therefore, the results will be communicated within one month after the documentation has been received.

Financial Petition Requests that are not accompanied by supporting documentation and reflect an extenuating circumstance will be reviewed by the Financial Petitions Appeals Committee.

  1. Drop the course(s)2 for which you are requesting a credit/refund using the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM); or, have an approved academic petition for courses with a “W” grade.
  2. Gather all relevant supporting documentation to substantiate your unforeseen extenuating circumstance.
  3. Complete the online form and attach any relevant documents.
Online Financial Petition Submission

If your financial petition request is approved, a refund will be issued to your student account within two weeks of the decision letter.

If you were receiving OSAP during the study period of the course(s) in question, York University is required by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to send all or part of the refund directly to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). As outlined in the terms and conditions of the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA). The refund amount will be applied to your outstanding student loans to reduce the principal owing.

Issues with your student account does not require a financial petition. Should you have any questions or concerns with your student account transactions with regards to payments or charges, please contact Glendon Student Financial Services.

If you begin to experience difficulty keeping your student account in good standing, it is advised that you make an appointment with an advisor at Glendon Student Financial Services to discuss the financial resources available to you. In addition, the Scholarship, Awards and Bursaries program offers financial assistance to students in need.

If you experience concerns with the pedagogical relationship of course instructor and student — that is, the organization of a course, grading practices or conduct of instructors — please contact the Associate Principal, Academic.

If you have received an undesirable financial petition result and would like to appeal the decision, you may do so if any of the following are applicable:

  • Circumstances have changed
  • New information is available that was not previously provided

To do so, please complete the Financial Petition Submission form. All appeals will be reviewed by the Financial Petitions Committee.

The FPC meets on a monthly basis to review all financial petition appeals. A quorum of four individuals is necessary to proceed with the review. Committee members include:

  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Support & Advising
  • Student Accessibilities Services
  • Faculty Representative

This committee will follow guidelines set forth by Student Financial Services and use-cases of similar circumstances, when reviewing each financial petition request/appeal. Results from the committee may include denials, approvals with prorated refunds, or approvals with full refunds. The results of the committee will be communicated to students within one month of the committee meeting. All decisions made by the committee are final.

1 Two terms: For example: An event occurs during Fall 2022 that resulted in your inability to continue with your studies during that term. You have until the end of Summer 2023 to submit a financial petition request for the course(s) that you were enrolled in during Fall 2022.

2 Important note about dropping courses: if the deadline has passed to drop the course(s), you must submit a complete academic petition package. Your academic petition must be successful before your financial petition can be considered.

  • Students in Osgoode Hall Law School, submit your package to Osgoode Student Financial Services, 1012 Ignat Kaneff Building
  • Students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), submit your request using FGS academic petition and attending physician forms, directly to the Office of the Dean, 230 York Lanes. Information can be found on the FGS website.