Zoe Abell

Advisor, Student Financial Services 

About me: I am a recent Glendon graduate from the Psychology program. I like to play video games and watch too many true crime documentaries in my spare time, and I have never met a pasta I haven’t loved.

What I do: I am here to help you make sure you can afford your costs and succeed in your studies. If you have questions about budgeting, or need help with your OSAP application, or anything else to do with money, you can come and see me.



Min-A Yoon

Governance and Records Officer, Student Academic Services

About me: I love languages, Latin culture, concerts and the ukulele. When an activity combines two or more of those together, then you will definitely find me there! I am a proud Glendon alumna and have worked at York for over 10 years.

What I do: I work behind the scenes to support enrolment, course offerings, curriculum and committees.

Andréanne Dibo-Amany

Manager, Student Financial Services

About me: I love learning new languages, Spanish in particular. During my free time, I read, sing, dance, and cook all kind of meals.

What I do: As the Manager, my role is to help students to be financially savvy. I am here to help students navigate all financial matters linked to their studies: from York scholarships, tuition payment or OSAP application and processing.

Ingi Fikry

Advisor, Student Financial Services

About me: I’m a proud Glendon Alumni. I love candy and traveling.

What I do: I have worked at both the Academic and Financial Services counters. I help students with their general financial questions, questions relating to their degree requirements and write official letters.

Yassin Handouleh

Assessor, Transfer Credit  and Degree Audit, Student Academic Services

About me: I am the Wise man with the Great Beard. I love Star wars (original, clones, Rebels, Resistance), Marvel Agents of SHIELDS, Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory and of course all Sports (EXCEPT Hockey). I believe that I have found the Bermuda Triangle since I have been working there for the past 20 years!

What I do: Academic Advising (mostly students in their upper years), degree audits for graduating students, transfer credit assessments and student records.

Bariquis Ismail

Information Clerk, Student Financial Services

About me: I graduated from Glendon’s Psychology (Cognitive Neuropsychology Stream) program in 2021. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, rock climbing, and taking long walks in the summer

What I do: I assist students with their general enquires related to tuition payment. If you need help completing a financial aid form, come and see me!

Delphine Guet-McCreight

Information Clerk, Student Academic Services

About me:  I’m a Glendon Alumni who just didn’t want to leave! I am fascinated by academic research in theatre and the humanities. If I’m not in the office, you can find me watching Tik Toks, reading, or walking everywhere and nowhere.  

What I do: I welcome students at the counter (and on Zoom) and am here to help answer any academic inquiries that you may have. Not sure how to request a program change or where to find a specific academic form? I can help with that!

Bronte Link-Newman

Information Clerk, Student Academic Services

About me: I have been part of the Glendon community since 2014. I enjoy reading and the theatre, basically anything with a good story.

What I do: I am the first person you see when you come to the Academic Services counter. If you have any general questions about your academics, need a letter or a new YU student card, I can help you out.

Tatiana Ng Ping Cheung

Academic Advisor, Student Academic Services

About me: When not advising students, I enjoy thrifting for the best gems at Value Village, bodybuilding and practicing Muay Thai with my SBG Scarborough fam.

What I do: I advise and empower Glendon students from their first-year to their graduation by helping them navigate through the complexities of an undergraduate degree.


Gilles Thibodeau 

Director, Academic Services

About me: For the past 8 years, I have been involved in Registrarial duties at various institutions.  I have a fascination with process improvements and leveraging technology, all in the name of improved client experiences.   I originally trained as an orchestral musician and continue to play the French Horn professionally. 

What I do: I lead the small-but-mighty Academic Services Team.  Together, we provide exceptional academic and financial guidance to students from registration to graduation. 


Lesley Valiente 

Advising Coordinator, Student Academic Services

About me: I have worked in the student services field since 2011 and am passionate about helping students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. I enjoy yoga, acupuncture and all things self-care.

What I do: My main job is to oversee the day-to-day work of the Academic Advising team. As an academic advisor myself, I listen to your concerns and use a collaborative approach to help you figure out your next steps. I’m happy to discuss program requirements and other academic questions you may have.


Fotini Vlahos 

Academic Advisor, Student Academic Services

About me: I graduated from the Psychology program at Glendon in 2018 and spend my spare time deep in anime show holes. I love to cosplay, read fantasy romance novels and learn new languages. Currently working on ASL.

What I do: I am here for the students. Whether you are having a great university experience, or a more challenging one, I’d love to talk to you and help you reach your goals, both personal and academic.

Lesley Bartlett (On Leave)

Governance and Records Officer, Student Academic Services

About me: I’m a proud Glendonite and a lover of all things chocolate.

What I do: I am the secretary of Glendon’s committees that see student petitions and appeals, and beyond that, I take care of some of the background work.

Cristina Bregar  (ON LEAVE)

Director, Student Academic Services

About me: I have worked in the Division of Students since 2008. A proud Glendon alumna, I’m a total family-gal and soccer mom who also loves playing violin, working out at F45 and travelling! Coffee and chocolate are my weaknesses…

What I do: You’re most likely to see me in C-Wing, empowering the amazing Academic and Student Financial Services team as they guide our students on their journey all the way from enrolment through to graduation. My portfolio encompasses Strategic Enrolment Management, Academic Advising, Registrarial Services and Governance.

Eugénie Déziel (ON LEAVE)

Academic Advisor, Student Academic Services

About me: I have been working at York for 19 years helping students and professors. I tutor kids and younger adults as a hobby. I love shoes and food. My favorite thing is to discover international food, recipes and music.

What I do: Proud to be now part of an awesome academic service team, I strive to help students navigate university, helping them to figure out who they are and becoming successful in obtaining their degree. I share ideas and provide tools that will equip them for life.

Kenia Navas (ON LEAVE)

Information Clerk, Student Academic Services

About me: I graduated from Glendon with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, double major in Hispanic Studies and Sociology. I am trilingual (Spanish, French and English) and I am thrilled to be able to use this great skill at Glendon while helping students with their academic questions and concerns in whichever language they feel most comfortable.

What I do: I greet students/staff/faculty members at the front desk of the Office of Academic Services and help guide them to whoever is the best person to speak to and answer their academic questions/concerns. We help students from the moment they pick their courses up until they are ready to receive their diploma.

Jessica Perkins  (ON  LEAVE)

Manager, Student Financial Services

About me: I’m a relentlessly curious and optimistic person with a deep love for food and fountain pens.

What I do: I’ve been a navigator of students’ finances and financial aid since 2008. I lead a team of advocates who will help you figure out how to pay for school and find the resources you need.




Co-Chief Morale Officer

About me: I am a small but mighty floof and I love to cuddle!

What I do: Together with my Co-Officer, we welcome students to the office.

Henry (ON LEAVE)

Co-Chief Morale Officer

About me: I am a very good boy who loves to be pet and work with students!

What I do: Together with my Co-Officer, we welcome students to the office.