Complete this workshop if:
– you began your studies at Glendon in Fall 2019 or Winter 2020
– you have received no more than 15 transfer credits from previous studies.


Your steps to complete your mandatory enrolment planning:

1. Watch the instructional video.

2. Download and Print the Enrolment Planning Worksheet that applies to your program of study:

Honours BA (120 credits)

Honours iBA (120 credits)

BA (90 credits)

Honours BSc (120 credits)

Honours iBSc (120 credits)

BSc (90 credits)

3. In Firefox, open the sample worksheet on your computer, and keep it up on the screen to help you fill out your own worksheet:

4. Attend your one-on-one meeting with an advisor. Be sure to bring your completed worksheet, and any questions, to your meeting.

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