Director, Student Affairs

About me: I have a background in criminology and my career path includes a diversity of practice environments, all of which enrich one another. I am passionate about my work and a supporter of bilingualism!

What I do: I lead an exceptional and committed team for the Office of Student Affairs which includes Residence Life, Student Life, the Career and Skills Development Center, Alternative Exams, Experiential Education as well as Accessibility, Well-being and Counseling Centre.



Alternate Exams and Administrative Coordinator

About me: I have worked in various positions in the Office of Student Affairs for over 18 years. I enjoy reading, travelling and movies. I am trilingual (German, English and French).

What I do: I oversee the operations in the exams centre, and I make sure that all students taking exams in the centre have appropriate accommodations as outlined in their documentation. The exam centre is a high-stress environment, and in this context, I am tasked with maintaining academic integrity, resolving conflicts, ensuring the well-being of the students and facilitating high-quality and accessible customer service.  Hundreds of quizzes, tests and exams are administered in the centre every year. I also support the Director of Student Affairs with finances, budget and the hiring of students in our unit.


Administrative Assistant

About me: I have been working for Student Services for a few years now and really enjoy being here for our students.  I am a cinephile and I have a soft spot for classic and Bollywood movies.

What I do: As the Administrative assistant for the office of Student Affairs, my role is to provide administrative support and handle a wide array of inquiries from students, staff and the public. I also work with the Student Life Coordinator in processing club registrations, supporting them throughout the year and providing temporary use of space on campus for their events.


Student Life Coordinator

About me: I came to York as an international student. I have lived in seven countries, and call Canada home since 2012. I love everything to do with personal optimization, specifically in health, fitness and productivity, with my favourite hobbies being reading, martial arts and I’m always game for soccer.

What I do: I coordinate First Year Experience programs, such as Glendon Orientation Day, as well as student engagement and leadership programs which include GL Zone Peer Mentors, GLLead leadership initiatives and the operations of student organizations.


Coordinator, Experiential Education

 About me: I joined the Glendon team in 2019, I bring several years of experience in the field of career development. I am an avid reader and a travel enthusiast with a keen interest in history. In the mornings you will likely find me lining up for my much-needed caffeine hit!

 What I do: My role is to create a bridge between the theories learnt in the classroom and their application in the workplace. Hence, I collaborate with Faculty members to provide you with a variety of experiential education opportunities, such as professional work placements, to best equip you to successfully launch your career.


Communications Assistant

About me: I’m a proud Glendon Alumna with a passion for languages, martial arts, live music, chocolate and a good cup of coffee.

What I do: I coordinate all communications (digital and print) relevant to students and manage the Student Newsletter and GL Student Life social channels. I’m here to make sure you’re always in the loop about all the upcoming events and opportunities that are available to you!


Residence Life Coordinator 

About me: I moved into residence in 2010 at the beginning of my first year and I haven’t moved out! I have been progressively involved in and out of residence since becoming a student here in my first year, and through my involvement learnt how passionate I am about helping students and supporting them through their time herein Glendon. I am most known for my love of cats, penguins, food, as well as fitness and would not have it any other way. 

What I do: My main responsibilities are to students living in residence. I lead and supervise a team of incredible upper year students (Dons) who help me support all of the students in residence at Glendon. I connect students with helpful and valuable resources on and off campus, ensure their safety, and develop curriculum for programming and services that ensure their learning continues outside of the classroom, with a focus on life skills, diversity, mental health and academic skills.

Eileen Wong

Career Centre Services Coordinator

About me: I spent many years studying at York University, which included doing many courses during my MA in Francophone Studies at Glendon. I have a huge passion for language learning, reading, and all things related to spiritual well-being. I also love teaching so much that I had decided to do a MEd at University of Ottawa. You can usually find me watching thriller/horror movies, engaging in philosophical talks, exploring nature, and singing at Kirtan meditation sessions. 

What I do: I am the new Career Centre Services Coordinator at Glendon. I am committed to helping students with their career related inquiries and providing a positive change in their career journey. 


Manager, Accessibility, Well-being and Counselling

About me: I have a M.S.W. from McGill University and a M.Ed. in Counselling & Psychotherapy from University of Toronto (OISE).  I have worked in various social service organization and university administration positions in Montreal and later Toronto and have taught social work to B.S.W. students in both the McGill and Ryerson University social work programs. 

What I do:  I am the manager of the Accessibility, Well-being and Counselling Centre and have been working there since 2012.


RP Personal counsellor

About me: I have worked in numerous community health organizations in Montreal and most recently in Toronto. I have worked with people facing a multitude of stressors, conundrums, anxieties and levels of despair. I have seen how approaching problems of living with a curious mind rather than a critical mind allows clients to spontaneously find new solutions to old problems.

I completed an undergraduate degree from McGill University, a graduate degree from the University of Toronto (OISE) and I am in the finishing stages of completing advanced psychotherapy training from Gestalt Institute of Toronto.

What I do: I am a Registered Psychotherapist and the personal counsellor at the AWC. I have worked at Glendon since 2017.

Larissa Lopez

OT REG. (ONT.) / Erg. Aut. (Ont.)

Accessibility Counsellor, Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling Centre

About me: I am a licensed occupational therapist who is passionate about supporting students with permanent and/or temporary disabilities in their academic pursuits. I believe that education is vitally important to one’s personal, social and academic development.

What I do: A disability, whether cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioural, can affect one’s functioning in the university setting. Academic accommodations are adjustments to the learning environment meant to remove barriers and to provide alternate ways to learn or demonstrate one’s learning. I assess the unique needs of students with disabilities and facilitate academic accommodations to provide equitable access to their education at Glendon College.


Secretary, Accessibility, Well-being and Counselling

About me: I am a proud Glendon alumnus who completed his undergrad in Sociology in 2019. You will often find me enjoying the outdoors on hikes, spending quality time with friends & loved ones as well as reinforcing the importance of leadership and discipline at Mind Over Matter Karate School on the weekends.

What I do: My goal is to assure that all students are informed and feel welcomed here at the AWC.