Ellen Gutterman

Professeure agrégée

Science politique

   York Hall 361

Relations internationales

Loi internationale

Gouvernance globale

Organisations internationales

Crime transnational


Doctorat :
Sciences Politiques, Université de Toronto
Maîtrise :
Sciences Politiques, Université de Toronto

théorie des relations internationales; la droit internationale et la conformité; le crime et la corruption transnationaux.

Articles dans des revues savantes

Gutterman, Ellen. (2019) Banning Bribes Abroad: US Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Its Impact on the Global Governance of CorruptionEuropean Political Science 8: 205–216. 

Gutterman, Ellen. (2017) Coming of age in academia: Canadian International Relations and the "optimistic interregnum" of the 1990sInternational Journal, 72, 2: 180-191.  (Winner of the 2017 Sage Prize.)

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Gutterman, Ellen. (2014) The Legitimacy of Transnational NGOs: Lessons from the Experience of Transparency International in Germany and France. Review of International Studies 40: 391–418.


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Autres publications

Gutterman, Ellen. (2020) “Pressing Questions of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Geopolitical Trends, the Future of Academia, and What’s for Dinner?” Controcorrente: A Dedicated Blog on Coronavirus and Society. ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime.

Gutterman, Ellen. (2017) How Policy Framing Shaped UK Strategy on Transnational Bribery.  LSE British Politics and Policy.

What Is at Stake in the Global Constitutionalism Debate? Book Review of Jeffrey L. Dunoff and Joel P. Trachtman, Eds. Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009). International Studies Review (2012) 14, 182–184.

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 “Domestic Sources of State Compliance with International Law.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, San Francisco, March 2008.   
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