Glendon Connects offers students a virtual mentoring opportunity offered by Glendon alumni on LinkedIn. Students gain tangible experience connecting with alumni by posing career- and leadership-themed questions and by engaging and networking online.  Our alumni engage in a course-based mentoring relationship with students while reconnecting with both the student experience and Glendon.

The formal part of this pilot project occurred over four weeks, involving six alumni mentors and the students enrolled in a popular 3rd year elective course led by Jennifer Sipos entitled “SOSC 3205 Leadership, Influence and Change”. Ideally, students gain relationship-building skills and expand their networks, and the conversation continues once the course concludes.

See the action unfold and join the conversation in the Glendon Alumni LinkedIn group.

Thanks to our 34 students and our six alumni mentors: Hans Bathija ’98, Anna Weigt-Bienzle ‘11, Satyam Chawla ’13, Leo Mastoras ’15, Geneviève Lessard ’08 & Hani El Masry ’09.


If you have questions, this pilot project is co-led by Jennifer Sipos and Mireille Millette.