Glendon Connects offers a virtual mentoring opportunity for students and alumni within our Glendon Alumni group on LinkedIn.

Glendon Connects offers students a virtual mentoring opportunity offered by Glendon alumni on LinkedIn. Students will gain tangible experience connecting with alumni by posing career- and leadership-themed questions and by engaging and networking online.  Our alumni will engage in a course-based mentoring relationship with students while reconnecting with both the student experience and Glendon.

For the second year in a row, this project has taken place over four weeks during the winter term. This latest version of the project brought together two student groups and eight alumni mentors.

Thanks to our students and our 8 alumni mentors: Satyam Chawla ’13, Kailey Vokes’11, Duncan Field ’16Samantha Osaduke ‘12, Ankit Mishra ’11, Cara Gordon ‘13, Hans Bathija ’98, & Geneviève Lessard ’08.

Here is an example of some questions asked:

  • What are other networking tools, in addition to LinkedIn, that you would recommend using in order to connect with professionals from both the public and private sector?
  • How have you managed stressful situations that require you to learn in real time?
  • What is the most significant learning from your studies that contributed or contributes to your professional success?     

See the action unfold and join the conversation in the Glendon Alumni LinkedIn group.