Your gift makes a tremendous impact! Students and our whole campus have benefited from your generosity. Echoing Principal Fiola’s message to donors, your donation is vitally important!

Did you know that 67% of all donations are directed to Financial Aid for Glendon students?  Meet two of the three hundred grateful students who directly benefit from your support.

In their own words…

“I am deeply grateful for the support in returning to my studies after 10 years away from school. As the mother of two young children, one of whom lives with complex medical needs, this academic journey is helping me to maintain hope and orientation as my vocation evolves. Thank you for your willingness to offer a hand up. It is my intention to continue to pay this kindness forward in the years to come.” Renée, inaugural recipient of the Felicitas Svejda Award in Biology


“Awarding me this bursary is an incredible gift. Not only does it help me in paying for my education, but it also has inspired me to continue to support the Indigenous community both inside and outside of Glendon. I hope that I may be able to bless others the way that you blessed me.” Nekoda, recipient of the Glendon Alumni Bursary for Indigenous Students




Donors transform the Glendon experience for countless students.

We hope that you will be as inspired as we are by the generosity of the late Albert Tucker, the late Ann Hilborn and Peter Clute, Mark R. Allio and Nancy Thornton.




Generations of students have benefited from the constellation of financial aid projects that the members of Living and Learning In Retirement (LLIR) supports. Through member donations and periodic gifts from LLIR as an organization, this longstanding tradition made a tremendous impact at Glendon and this past year in particular.

Recognizing the growing needs of our students in the pandemic, LLIR members generously donated over $30,000 to the Friends of Glendon Hardship Fund during the 2021-22 academic year. This fund replaces a long-standing emergency loan program, which now offers grants to students in emergency situations.

LLIR is a volunteer organization created to provide affordable, stimulating and engaging high-quality courses of interest to a member community of senior adults. LLIR has annually encouraged members to make donations in support of financial aid for Glendon students. LLIR and Glendon enjoy a very mutually beneficial relationship.

Ove the last year and with input from Glendon’s senior administration, LLIR has created a new fund, The LLIR Glendon Student Opportunity Fund. Its focus is financial aid for students from underrepresented groups. LLIR’s board has generously seeded the new fund with an initial gift of $25,000 which has been endowed to ensure the long-term impact of this gift.

Members will be invited to contribute to this new fund this fall.  LLIR’s initial seed funding was part of an extra special gift of $45,000 to Glendon in April. This brings contributions from LLIR and its members to more than $75,000 in 2020-21. Thank you LLIR! You are making an incredible impact at Glendon.  




Among its many projects to support students and build community, the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) has created a new endowment fund, the GCSU Hardship Fund, to support students in financial need.

This project was developed by immediate past President Mobólúwajídíde Joseph and immediate past VP Anjelica Ramsewack who were eager to work with Glendon’s Advancement Office to create an additional support for students in need.

The fund will be adjudicated by the Student Financial Services team so that students may seek support confidentially. On behalf of the many students who will benefit from this new fund, thank you GCSU!