• Login to Glendon eClass using your Passport York
  • From the eClass Dashboard,  click the “GET ASSIGNMENT AND CAREER HELP” banner
  • Click on your preferred date and time for your appointment
  • Submit the registration form and our guides will receive a notification of your registration
  • Please bring in a copy of your resume, cover letter, and/or the job description you are applying to
  • In either English or French, our guides can offer services such as: resume and cover letter critique, job search assistance, LinkedIn profile creation, and job interview preparation
  • Our guides do NOT hand out jobs to students, but rather help students apply to jobs and prepare for interviews
We recommend:
  • Schedule multiple appointments for the different parts of your job application process
  • Ask the employer any questions you have regarding the job description (our guides cannot interpret what the employer wants)
  • Remember our guides are not responsible for you being hired

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