Glendon’s Career Development Centre has built a solid and trusted foundation with students and is committed to ensuring student participation in events based on customized recruitment strategies. With our facilities, services and students, the Glendon Campus of York University is the perfect setting to meet your specific hiring needs.

The Glendon Career Development Centre offers a variety of customized recruitment strategies to help you connect with the students and new graduates you want to reach.

At Glendon, we speak the world. We are known for our focus on languages thanks to a 50+ year track record of promoting and supporting Canada’s official languages, as well as a springboard to many other languages and cultures.



Glendon offers unique programs that are designed for success. Our exclusive international study and exchange programs, as well as our innovation, entrepreneurship and experiential learning hubs, will arm you with the skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, here and abroad.



We are proud to offer you a highly personalized experience. At our campus, you’ll be more than a number and you’ll meet peers, faculty and staff that have your wellbeing and success at heart. It’s in our nature.

We do languages and international really, really well.

Picture a place where 100% of the students study in two languages — English and French, and 20% study in at least three.  A place where bilingual certification comes standard with every degree, whether you start as a complete beginner, are a high-school French grad, or a Francophone. Notice the signage, student newspaper, classes, and campus support services in both languages, and how Anglophones (about 2/3 of our students) and Francophones (about 1/3 of our students) intermingle, help each other learn the other language, and sometimes switch languages almost without noticing. Remark that campus employment fairs draw major organizations specifically looking to hire our bilingual grads.


Our focus on languages is perfectly complemented by the international dimension of the Glendon experience.

We want to prepare our students for an increasingly global workforce, and we celebrate the incredible diversity in our community as we do it. 

Employer Statement of Understanding

Your organization’s request for employer services at the Glendon Campus of York University, including but not limited to recruitment or information sessions, job postings, and job fairs, confirms your willingness to comply with this policy.


General Guidelines

The Glendon Career Development Centre adheres to the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment published by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). This guideline outlines the best practices in campus recruitment as well as the expectations and responsibilities for all parties. It is highly recommended that organizations abide by the Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment and the definition of internships as outlined in CACEE’s Statement on Unpaid Internships.

Employers must adhere to all federal and provincial legislation pertaining to recruitment and other activities that may affect students and graduates of the Glendon Campus of York University. Organizations requesting employer services from the Glendon Career Development Centre shall be equal opportunity employers in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal laws.


Non-Endorsement Statement

The Glendon Career Development Centre maintains an open employer recruitment practice that aligns with current, acceptable national and provincial career centres and Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) practices. Through these practices, employers and organizations who are legally allowed to operate in Canada and comply with all relevant federal and provincial employment legislation may participate in recruitment events and services at the Glendon Campus of York University, including but not limited to full-time, part-time, summer and internship job postings, recruitment activities,  job fairs, online tools, and use of other designated University venues and services. The fact that the Glendon Campus of York University permits an employer or organization to participate in such events and services does not constitute endorsement of that employer or organization.

Hyperlinks from the Glendon Career Development Centre’s website are provided only as a convenience and if you decide to visit any external linked site, you will leave the University’s website. Hyperlinks do not imply that the University sponsors, endorses or is associated with the linked site or that any linked site is authorized to use the name and/or logo of the University. The University is not responsible for the contents of any such linked sites and any other site not under the control of the University.

The Glendon Career Development Centre reserves the right to ban or suspend an employer from participating in any of its events and/or services based on student complaints, behaviour or actions by the employer contrary to the employer guidelines, and for any reason deemed necessary by the Glendon Career Development Centre staff. It is not the role of the Glendon Career Development Centre to monitor the recruiting practices of employers; however, if there is a complaint regarding an organization’s recruiting practices, the Glendon Career Development Centre will investigate.

Recruitment Services