The Career and Skills Development Centre, located in York Hall A118, focuses on helping students, alumni, and clients access career exploration, skills development and experiential education. Personalized assignment and career help is available through appointments; face-to-face, over Zoom, or by attending a workshop in the centre, in residence or in class. 


All assignment help and career help appointments will be delivered remotely. Book an appointment via Experience York and we will follow up with you shortly.

Where can I look for jobs?

There are plenty of job search tools at your disposal!

Can I work "on-campus"?

The Work/Study Program at York University provides eligible undergraduate students (domestic and international) with the opportunity to develop professional skills and contribute to the university through paid, on-campus employment opportunities.

Are there writing workshops I can attend?

The Career and Skills Development Centre offers writing workshops by demand from professors. If you would like to have a workshop hosted in your class, you can ask your professor or we can reach out for you!

Can someone edit my paper for me?

The Career and Skills Development Centre staff will not edit, write or re-write your assignment for you (learn more about academic integrity). Instead, you can: 

How do I cite properly in APA/MLA/Chicago?

It is important to uphold academic integrity for all the assignments you complete during your studies.

Should I apply to grad school?

Perhaps the career you’re interested in requires a graduate education or a post-degree program or maybe you’ve determined that a post-degree diploma or certificate would make you a more desirable candidate in your chosen occupation.

How do you write a personal statement?

Personal statements help graduate selection committees understand why you want to pursue further study in that area, and in that program.

What is the difference between an academic CV and a regular resume?

Resumes are the most commonly used format in today’s workplace, where as CVs are used only in specific professional positions requiring a specific knowledge base.

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