The Staff Recognition Award honours those who, through dedication and/or commitment, enhance the quality of services at Glendon. This award will be offered each year.

The purpose of this award is to provide recognition and to promote Service Excellence across Glendon, the University and in the wider community. The Award Recipient will be recognized by the Principal at a reception on April 8, 2022.

Nominees must be YUSA 1 staff at Glendon.

Faculty and support staff may submit nominations, individually or collectively.  Self-nominations will  not be accepted.

This year, the main selection criterion will be the quality of services offered to Glendon community.


The candidate :

  • Provides exceptional service;
  • Is a team player, who helps and motivates those around him/her;
  • Communicates well with the entire Glendon community;
  • Adheres to a standard of professionalism that inspires others;
  • Perform at a level that exceeds the requirements of their position and has a significant impact on their environment.

A complete nomination includes:

  • A nomination letter (750 words maximum) that demonstrates that the nominee has fulfilled the required criteria;
  • The Nomination letter shall be accompanied by a letter of support from a faculty member, manager or colleague familiar with the individual’s activities.
  • Examples of how the nominee meets or exceeds each of the criteria for the award.
  • Quotations from other people are not permitted and letters can only have one author.
  • Letters will be solicited by the nominator; the nominee must not request letters. Nominations will be supported only by information from current and former members of the Glendon community.


Nominators, nominees and those writing letters of reference should be aware that material in nomination files will not be treated as private or confidential and may be quoted and/or summarized in the following forms: citations delivered at a ceremony; Principal’s reports; newspaper articles; and other publications (e.g. GlendonAnnonce; Glendon website; Y-File, etc.). Nominators are asked to make all people related to the file aware of this policy on privacy and confidentiality.

DEADLINE: Nominations must be submitted online by March 22, 2021.

Nomination files will be assessed by a Committee comprised of 4 members. Members on the Committee are not eligible for nomination.

  • Max. file size: 2 GB.
    File format: PDF Maximum size: 2MB
  • Max. file size: 2 GB.
    File format: PDF Maximum size: 5MB