Congratulations to our Student Engagement Awards Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 recipients!

Celebrating Student Engagement at Glendon

The Glendon community is proud to recognize the outstanding students on our campus and all their incredible accomplishments. Our student leaders are critical thinkers, innovators, caring and compassionate people. This year, we recognize many of them for their academic merit, contributions in their community and the legacy they have built at Glendon. Thank you for all that you do to make the Glendon community what it is and for espousing the values of care, inclusivity, and support. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

Description: awarded to a student who has demonstrated participation and leadership in campus life, with priority given to those involved in sport. It has been created in memory of Margaret Wallace, director of the Glendon Athletic Club (GAC) from 1987 to 2012.

This year’s recipient is Rikki Van Goozen!

Rikki is recognized for her contributions to the campus, including her work at the Glendon Athletic Club and in the Glendon Theatre. She is known by her peers as someone to look to for support, and as someone who is deeply connected with the Glendon community.

Description: awarded to a Glendon student who has been actively involved in college life. Recipients must demonstrate financial need. Academic merit is also considered.

This year’s recipient is Moboluwajidide Joseph!

Moboluwajidide is recognized for his work with both the GCSU and YFS, in varying roles with the goal to support Glendon students and his fellow members. He is also involved with the Glendon Black Student Alliance, representing our campus in conferences and with organizations in the city of Toronto.

Description: awarded to a graduating student who has been an exceptional leader, one who has made a consistent and valuable contribution to the community at Glendon. In celebration of building community, consideration will be given to the level of equity, integrity and caring that was demonstrated in the recipient’s leadership and to the positive impact, this has made.

Our first recipient is Katherine Aquino! Katherine is recognized for her service to Glendon through her participation in and creation of multiple clubs. She has been an executive member of La mode à Glendon and founded Glendon’s first Digital Media club. Her work as in the Digital Media Lab pushed her to create workshops that have been in high demand from students. She is recognized as her peers as having an excellent work ethic and a genuine and friendly personality that has a positive impact on the Glendon community.

Our second recipient is Jean-Pierre D’Angelo! Jean-Pierre is recognized for his involvement in many different aspects of campus life. He has contributed to Glendon Model United Nations, GLgbt, goSAFE, and Lunik. As an executive member of the GCSU, he has advocated for students’ academic rights and involved himself in faculty council, the petitions committee and student caucus. He recognizes gaps in the student experience and puts ideas into practice to better serve his community.  

This award recognizes the contributions of a student who has recently become involved in student activities and demonstrates commitment and leadership potential.

This year’s recipient is Anjelica Ramsewack!

Anjelica is recognized for her well-rounded involvement in the Glendon community through her work making new students feel more comfortable as a peer mentor, her executive position with Glendon Model United Nations, and her advocacy for bilingualism as the Vice-President Bilingual Affairs with the GCSU.

These awards acknowledge the achievements of committed students who have had a positive impact on the student experience at Glendon by generously dedicating their time and talents.

We are pleased to recognize Magdalena Kajo, Kacem Coulibaly and Diogo Mello as this year’s recipients!

Magdalena is recognized for her work as an executive member of the Peace by PEACE organization, working with school boards and helping Glendon students gain valuable experience.

Kacem is recognized with his work in community building with the Glendon African Network. He has fostered relationships between his network and other organizations not only on campus but also in the city of Toronto.

Diogo is recognized for his work with the GLgbt; leading the community and modernizing the look of the organization. He also supports recruitment efforts through his position as a campus ambassador.

This year, we are pleased to recognize the following nominees with an Honourable Mention: Alexia Brown,  Lauren Castelino, Ahmed Diabaté, Dael Vasquez, Hannah Yaghmaei, and Claudia Dias Martins.

Thank you for your contributions to the Glendon community!



Katherine Aquino

Alexia Brown

Lauren Castelino

Kacem Coulibaly

Jean-Pierre D’Angelo

Ahmed Diabaté

Claudia Dias Martins

Moboluwajidide Joseph

Magdalena Kajo

Diogo Mello

Marion Perrot

Tyra Pryce

Anjelica Ramsewack

Sophia Tracey

Rikki Van Goozen

Dael Vasquez

Hannah Yaghmaei